I am doing IGCSE rcfereform.orgs, and also am having actually a couple of troubles via function notation. I understand also the develop f(x).

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What does the create f: x ↦ y mean? Could you likewise offer one or 2 examples?

And, if possible, state your source. Thank you.


It suggests that $f$ is a role that takes the worth $x$ to the value $y$. For circumstances, $$f: xmapsto x^2$$ is an different way of creating $f(x) = x^2$.


$f:x mapsto y$ suggests that $f$ is a role which takes in a value $x$ and provides out $y$.

But,$f: cfereform.orgbbN o cfereform.orgbbN$ suggests that $f$ is a duty which takes a natural number as domain and outcomes in a organic number as the result.



As it is evident from rcfereform.org notation — the symbol $mapsto$ reads as "maps to".This is backed up by Wikipedia article on functions:

... the notation $mapsto$ ("maps to", an arrowhead with a bar at its tail) ...

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Tbelow is an additional arrow-symbol, which also supplied for mapping $ ightarrow$, which could be a little bit confusing.The difference between 2 (as it is pointed out in the connected answer, as well as in the answer by rcfereform.orgEnthusiast):

$mapsto$ maps an element of one set to an element of another set;$ ightarrow$ maps a collection to a set.

Example (borrowed from here):

$$f:R ightarrow R$$$$x mapsto x^2$$

It suggests that: under $f$, any kind of element $x subcollection R$ gets mapped to the aspect $x∗x=x^2$ (which is also an element of $R$).

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