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With A crazy longingI want to see you todayI await that momentIn which i"ll hear your voiceAnd whenn finallyWe are together, the two of usWho cares what your mother and dadWill sayHere, the just thing that matters is our loveI love you(chorus)"Forbidden love"..they murmurOn the streetsBecause we"re from differentSocieties"forbidden love"...everyoneTells usMoney doesn"t matterTo you nor to meNor to the heartOh, oh babyAlthough i"m poorAll of this that i provide to youIs worth even more than moneyBecause it is truly loveAnd whenn finallyWe are together, the 2 of usWho cares what the societyWill sayHere, the just thing that matters is our loveI love you(chorus)
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