This unapologetic anthem is about all the uncool children and also misfits who are on the outside looking in, including Alessia Cara, herself. Speaking to Ryan Seacremainder in the time of an acoustic performance on his radio present in July 2015, Cara presented the track by explaining, "This song is referred to as "Wild Things" and it"s around self-acceptance and kind of saying I don"t must be this excellent, exceptional perkid or this smart perkid or this popular person to still feel cool about myself. And for all the people that do not really feel like they have actually a place, we have the right to make our very own area."
Alessia Cara offers us her meaning of wildness in the development to the Aaron A-directed video, "To me, Where The Wild Things Are is a location that exists in our minds," she states. "It"s a area of liberty and shamelessness. It deserve to take a break-up second or a life time to discover it, however when you do, you"ll be totally free."The clip then follows the singer and her friends hanging out, playing music, taking Polaroids, lighting firefunctions at the beach and staying up all night.

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Anonymous I think this song is to be cost-free and also do not care what people think.AnonymousI think this song is basically telling all world especially children to simply be free and also be your wild free self Yoan from MiamiI must know the definition of : if you don"t like our 808s...Yoan from MiamiThat"s a very revolutionary song, inspires you to be yourself and to be free.view more comments
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