What does 120/277v mean

Your inquiries around voltage, power supply and also installing your luminaires (prosper lights) answered by our team of knowledgeable lighting technicians.

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What voltage is the best to go via for my application?

We imply going via the greatest voltage available at your facility, which will likewise be the most efficient. By utilizing a higher voltage for your application, you can reduced driver and conductor losses and increase efficiencies.

Refer to our luminaire spec data sheets for the partnership between voltage, wattage and amperage.

What Voltage carry out I have in my building?

Because tbelow are so many type of area combinations of voltperiods, an competent electrician is needed to evaluate your certain site/facility to determine what you have easily accessible. The many common volteras will be:

Single phase:


3 Phase:

208/120V480/277V (a lot of prevalent in the United States)600/347V (the majority of widespread in Canada)400V (special applications)

With the power gives noted over what voltage can I usage to run my luminaires?

Once you recognize what voltage you have in your building you deserve to move forward with deciding what voltage to usage to power your luminaires (prosper lights). If you desire a specific voltage installed, transformers deserve to be used to supply volteras that are not currently installed in your facility. We always recommfinish speaking via an electrician before deciding what voltage to usage to run your luminaires.

With the help of an electrician, and also relying on the voltage you have accessible at your facility, you deserve to usage the adhering to voltages to power your luminaires:


Please note that not all luminaire models are easily accessible in all volteras. Please describe luminaire spec sheets for further information or soptimal via one of our lighting specialists. Also, just because you have a 3-phase business does not suppose you have actually accessibility to volteras that can be provided via our luminaires – please consult a regional electrician for more information.


What is the distinction between single-phase and 3-phase power supply?

3-phase supply:

Has 3 live wires (or lines), and possibly one neutral wireGenerally provided to commercial and also commercial facilitiesIt will generally be 480/277V or 600/347VThis is also relying on your facility style and transformers used

Single Phase supply:

Has 2 live wires (or lines), and one neutral wireTypically supplied to residential or tiny commercial facilitiesIs typically 120/240V in North America

What is the difference between a single-phase pack and also 3-phase load?

3-Phase Load:

Some tools such as motors or fans call for relationships to all 3 lines from a three-phase supply.This devices would certainly be classified as a ‘3-Phase Load’This equipment requires a 3-Phase supply to operate.

Single-Phase Load:

Other equipment such as luminaires only need connection to either 2 lines or one line and also neutral.This devices would be classified as a ‘Single-Phase Load’This tools deserve to be powered by either a ‘Single-Phase Supply’ or a ‘3-Phase supply’

What is the difference in between a ‘Line to Neutral Voltage’, and a ‘Line to Line Voltage’? 

Both single-phase and also 3-phase gives have the right to be configured so that single phase-loads receive either a ‘Line to Neutral Voltage’, or a ‘Line to Line Voltage’.

In a Single-Phase Supply device, the reduced voltage (generally 120V) will be the ‘Line to Neutral Voltage’ which is the voltage between among the lines and the neutral. The greater voltage (generally 240V) will certainly be the ‘Line to Line Voltage’. It will be twice the ‘Line to Neutral Voltage’, and is the voltage measured between the 2 lines.

In a 3-Phase Supply mechanism, the reduced voltage (commonly 277V or 347V) will be the ‘Line to Neutral Voltage’ which is the measured voltage between among the 3 lines and the neutral. The higher voltage (generally 480V or 600V) will be the ‘Line to Line Voltage’. It will certainly be 1.73x the ‘Line to Neutral Voltage’ and also is the voltage between any kind of two line of the three lines.

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Can I usage a single-phase luminaire if I have 3-phase power supply?

In a 3-phase supply you have the capcapability of using all three phases for lots such as electric motors, fans and various other industrial tools. Due to the fact that our luminaires operate on single phase, you can take advantage of a 3-phase supply using either one or two legs of the supply to carry out either a single-phase line to neutral connection or a single-phase line to line link.

The picture below helps to demonstrate just how you deserve to use a single-phase power supply via a 3-phase power supply to power your luminaires configured utilizing a line-to-neutral voltage and a line-to-line voltage.


What is the prominence of a steady power source and what are the detripsychological outcomes of brvery own outs, black outs, etc?

A brvery own out is a low voltage problem as soon as the voltage drops. Drivers/Ballasts have a voltage variety wright here they deserve to tolerate a details percentage of brvery own outs. Operating the driver exterior of this array have the right to be detrimental to the driver/ballasts and mitigate its lifetime. It is vital to think about having actually your power monitored in your facility. Monitoring your power top quality and voltage variation enables corrective actions to be taken to boost the power high quality.

Babsence outs are when power is turned off then on again, either momentarily or for extended periods of time. This could potentially be an concern. Re-striking HID lamps even more than 2 times a day have the right to also be detrimental to the driver. If blackouts are a constant occurrence at your facility, consider contacting your energy to settle the issue (or consider installing an uninterrupted power supply or generator system).

Are tbelow any type of certain wiring instructions for LEDs?

LED luminaires have the right to be wired in the very same method as our traditional HID luminaires, based upon the Voltage compelled by the luminaire (i.e. 120, 208, 240, 277, 347, 400). Some LED luminaires have the right to accommoday multiple voltperiods, whereas others are voltage specific. The voltage range will certainly be listed on the product label. A luminaire via a product label stating “120V-240V” will certainly accept any type of among these 3 voltperiods 120,208 or 240 and will automatically feeling the provided voltage to ensure the exact same output to the LED’s regardmuch less of the input voltage. A luminaire via a product label stating “277V” will just accept a voltage of 277V. LED Luminaires that have actually dimming capcapability might require separate manage wires in order to regulate the output of the luminaire.


Do I have to compensate for inrush currents on LED or HID luminaires once I’m wiring my facility?

Inrush existing is one of many type of attributes that an Electrical Engineer will take into account once designing an electric installation.


Is there an inrush existing I have to be aware of once providing circuit breakers for my luminaires?

Inrush present occurs in all digital devices because of their electrical features. The magnitude of the inrush present is based on the style of the electronics and the pack. This inrush worth demands to be provided by the manufacturer of the luminaire in order for an engineer to recognize the correct electric devices to use in the installation. Electrical designers will select breakers and various other electric gadgets making use of inrush as one of many kind of variables in order to design an electrical system that will function properly. If inrush is not taken into consideration once choosing and also sequencing the installation of breakers, nuisance tripping deserve to take place and, in some instances, fmaking use of of contacts upon contactors. It is constantly recommfinished to consult an electric engineering firm as soon as making a chop cultivation facility.


How to get started through your application:

Never before assume what voltage you have actually and also always consult through an proficient electrician that can assist you make decisions about what voltage to use.