UTSan Diego's "Deadly Neglect" Series

Deadly Neglect, Deborah SchochThe entire "Deadly Neglect" series published by the U-T San Diego on 9 September 2013 is available on its website  (Search "Deadly Neglect").  In the alternative, below are links to each of the articles CARR scanned directly from the hardcopy newspaper.  Apologies for the mismatched pages and scan sizes, but its all there.

DEADLY NEGLECT by Deborah Schoch

Crimes Go Uninvestigated at Assisted Living Homes by Jeff McDonald

Advocates Say 'we're doing what the state should be doing,' by Deborah Schoch

Assisted Living Centers Allegedly Paid Out Bribes, by Jeff McDonald

"How Deaths Were Counted,"

Reporters for this series were Deborah Schoch, CHCF Center for Health Reporting, Paul Sisson, Matt Clark and Jeff McDonald, all UT Staff. 

These three articles are from the UT San Diego Sunday 15 December 2013 edition.  The authors include those of the 9 September 2013 series

Penalties Often Go Uncollected

Human Cost of Poor Care

Homes Open Doors to Sicker Seniors

Watchdog & Advocacy

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