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To coordinate your volunteer methods, call the Corporate office. Phone: (337) 234-5715 agammons


The health and also well-being of our occupants is our height priority and also their interactivity through the basic public. We are came to about the spcheck out of the novel coronavirus as the civilization we serve are frequently more fragile to the virus and also the illness it causes, COVID-19. Since the coronavirus is spreading conveniently, we have determined to suspfinish volunteer activities throughout our programs(Bingo, crafts, and also music groups)as a precaution. We are staying abreast of the latest advancements around coronavirus.

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We are also suspending any volunteer jobs that require a volunteer to prepare home-made treats or snacks to be dropped off and also offered to our consumers. This has Sundaes on Sunday, Bake a Sweet treat and Snack bag jobs. See listed below for even more information:

(Temporarily Suspended) -Uplift a Heart by Sharing the Gift of MusicIndividual musicians or groups are invited to share their gift of music through our facilities. Any form of music including guitar, jazz, gospel, and contemporary Christian deserve to be shared. Groups may also want to provide refreshments such as popcorn or cookies.(Temporarily Suspended) -Sundaes on Sundays (or any kind of day!)Clients that are isolated are at a better danger of depression, high blood press and also permanent condition. Assistance us save our clients proactively engaged by hosting an ice cream social! Volunteer teams must carry out party offers including food, bevereras, bowls, and napkins. Further tasks such as a craft job, BINGO, musical performance, and so on deserve to likewise be added to the fun. Activity provides or little BINGO prizes should be additionally be provided by volunteers.(Temporarily Suspended) -Creative CraftsVolunteer teams can organize a craft project for one of our day therapy programs or area residences. Examples incorporate seasonal wreaths, candles, or holiday accessories. Volunteer groups will certainly need to administer all provides for the task.

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(Temporarily Suspended) -Health and also Wellness SpeakersClients in our programs are eager to learn even more about health and wellness and also well-being. Medical experts or graduate students are necessary to provide interactive workshops that educate our residents about health and wellness-associated problems such as diabetes, nutrition and also heart illness.

Pack a PackFill a backfill for the homeless. Items such as socks, t-shirts, underwear, hats, ponchos and/or hygiene commodities (toothbrush, toothpaste, and also a bar of soap) are needed. A backpack or other form of bag permits people to bring their possessions and important files about with them.

Host a Collection DriveHost a arsenal drive for those in need of the basics. Our programs are always in need of items such as individually wrapped snacks; peanut butter crackers, chips, granola bars, or noodle cups. We desperately need toilet paper, family cleaning items, bath towels, personal hygiene items, razors and also shaving actually cream, laundry detergent, and also crossword/word search puzzle publications for our clients. The size of the items does not issue so think of some imaginative ways to collect those free bottles of shampoo, conditioner, lotion and also tiny bars of hotel soaps from your friends and also next-door neighbors. They might be cluttering up your bathroom drawers now, yet they can be put to good usage in our PATH regimen which distributes these items to the homemuch less.(Temporarily Suspended) -Teach a Class or Demonstrate a SkillOur Day Program and also residential infrastructure serve adults through a varying level of disabilities and also illnesses. Our Clients are eager and they enjoy finding out brand-new points. Come share your skill and talents with them. We are open up for long term to someday experiences so be sure to lug your talents and also skills!

Host a FundraiserHost a fundraiser to assist support the services we provide. We are excited when someone recognizes our work-related and also hosts a fundraiser for us! For even more information call our office at 337.234.5715 to comment on the possibilities!

Going to Church?Clients in our framework often discover themselves without rides to church solutions. If you are willing to help, please offer us a speak to at 337.234.5715 to schedule pickups!