Volunteer living with big cats

Big Cat Conservation isn’t a topic they teach you at college. If you want to learn how to occupational via these complex wild pets and preserving the intimidated species of Africa, Asia, and Latin America, then this is an exceptional possibility to take regulate of your education and learning and also go into the field.

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The term “massive cat” refers to the 4 largest members of the Panthera genus: the tiger, lion, jaguar, and leopard. This interpretation has been expanded to include the scurrently leopard, puma, clouded leopard, Sunda clouded leopard, and cheetah, although these species execute not roar like the four massive cats. Big cats are “apex predators,” which indicates they are at the peak of a food chain – no other animals hunt the substantial cat, except human beings. And it’s because of human-animal dispute that the significant cats are endangered. The primary risks to huge cats are habitat damage and poaching, both led to by world.

What You Can Do for Big Cats

An pet sanctuary, park, or reserve gives a refuge for these massive cats to live out their stays in safety, but these facilities are expensive and also tough to maintain. They depend upon the assistance of researchers and volunteers to monitor and enhance the health of the populace, sustain the setting, and also to educate the surrounding neighborhood to alleviate the huguy danger.

When you take a trip awide on a volunteer conservation routine – to the rainwoodlands of Costa Rica,to the savannas of Africa, or the jungles of India and also Malaysia – you’ll work through a team of researchers who are security present massive cat populations. You have the right to assist them as they construct remedies to save habitats by educating areas, eradicating poaching, and enforcing sustainable practices. You’ll learn how to track pets in the wild, making use of sophisticated surveillance equipment and camages, and identifying various species by their prints and spoor.

If you’re eager to learn more about significant cat conservation, save reading! Select a large cat or a destination, likevolunteering at a South Afrihave the right to National Park, that interests you and also aid conserve a species.

Featured Volunteer Abroad Programs


Global Nomadicsupplies global internships, TEFL courses, and volunteer awide placements in 40+ countries. Launched in 2009, Global Nomadic has actually inserted even more than 10,000 people on coherent programs and research study tasks. It partners through international NGOs, scholastic establishments, and also providers via a emphasis on conservation, wildlife rehabilitation, community advancement, and also educational study. Global Nomadic additionally provides professional placements for people on a career track.

Leopard Conservation in South Africa

Gainwildlife conservation suffer in Zululand, South Africa on an ecological task concentrating on leopard conservation with Global Nomadic. This job is a cooperation through Panthera, an worldwide wild cat organization that conducts leopard populace surveys by making use of remote electronic camera trapping methodologies. This program is the largest of its type and supports provincial parks with data trends and population numbers to help supervisors enhance huge cat conservation.

You’ll spfinish two weeks on this job at numerous different national reserves, working four days each week in establishing up, keeping, and taking dvery own cameras. You’ll help by downloading content from camperiods, recording and analyzing data, overseeing camera sites, and helping via identikits for each pet. Other animals you can enrespond to in your surveys are lions, elephants, rhinos, cheetahs, and also wild dogs.

You’ll fly into O. R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg (JNB), and take a connecting flight to Richard’s Bay Airport (RCB) – Global Nomadic have the right to aid you through this service at no charge. Accommodations differ at each park, but all incorporate mutual rooms, toilets, showers, and also kitchen facilities. You’ll prepare your very own food on this placement, working in a communal kitchen and sharing duties with fellow volunteers. When you’re not functioning, you have the right to spend time relaxing around the park, visiting museums, and birdwatching. Program fees start at $1,350 for 2 weeks, through an option to continue to be up to three months.Discover more and also use here!

Frontier provides volunteering opportunities, gap year placements, and also inspirational adventures in 60 countries global. Founded in 1989 as nonprofit conservation and advance NGO, Frontier uses even more than 400 capacity-structure programs that combine neighborhood development, ecosystem protection, and also economic expansion, with an emphasis on conserving threatened wildlife and also building livelihoods for under-resourced communities. Frontier offers you the capability to make a positive affect as you take a trip the world.

Costa Rica Big Cats, Primates & Turtle Conservation

Travel to one of the most ecologically diverse locations on Planet and add to a conservation routine in Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula. Walk out of camp each morning and also embark on a different adventure, checking on sea turtle colonies one day, conducting primate surveys the following day, and then recording puma and jaguar sightings.

When you work-related on the Big Cats, Primates & Turtle Conservation program, you’ll obtain valuable endure in research and also conservation, and also research the ecology and actions of species including jaguars, sloths, tapirs, and Olive Ridley and Pacific Green turtles. Primates in the region are the squirrel monkey, mantled howler moncrucial, Geoffroy’s spider moncrucial, and also the white-faced capuchin monkey.

The Osa Peninsula is home to 5 cat species: the jaguar and also puma, the smaller sized jaguarondi and also margay, and also the intermediate-sized ocelot. Anvarious other facet of research is on the neotropical river otter, which is an elusive and critically intimidated pet. The research study camp is positioned in the thick tropical forest on the edge of Corcovado National Park wbelow you’ll carry out biodiversity surveys, which could include:

Walking primate transects to collect helpful data on assorted primate species in the parkPatrolling beaches to assess and survey turtle nesting habits and hatchling healthSurveying big cat tracks and also collecting dataParticipating in surveys of exotic bird populations, invertebprices, and also other pet teams on the peninsulaHelping via jungle trail production and also maintenance

You’ll arrive at Puerto Jiménez Airport (PJM) and also be met by Frontier staff, who will certainly escort you by regional bus to the job camp. The jungle study camp is basic, and also accommodation is in open-air, common, mixed-sex eco-cabins in the jungle near Caprice. Conditions at Camposita are basic and also environmentally-friendly, so mosquito netting is a should. Tbelow are showers and toilets. Meals are consisted of, and also cooking is brought out communally on a rotational basis. You’ll learn just how to prepare regional dishes, which are greatly vegetarian.

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Free time deserve to be spent swimming in the sea, swinging in the hammock through a great book, steed riding, forest canopy tours, dolphin and whale watching tours, and guided trips to the nationwide park. This regime starts from $895 for one week.Click below to learn even more and to register!

Malaysia Tiger Conservation

Malaysia has the second-highest tiger populace in the civilization after India, and you can assist safeguard this classic pet and its habitat once you volunteer on the Tiger Conservation regimen through Frontier. Travel to the jungle and patrol the wildlife corridor in between the Taguy Negara National Park and also the major hill selection in West Malaysia, and be a deterrent to poaching. The wildlife trail also is supplied by elephants, rhinos, leopards, and sun bears.

This task provides you hand-operated experience tracking wild pets as part of a team. You’ll trek with the jungle to collect data on the range and also motion of the tiger, finding and also identifying animals tracks and various other signs of animal crossing. The team likewise organizes and also runs anti-poaching patrols, wright here you’ll look for snares, document their area through a GPS, and also damage these animal traps. Your guide will teach you how to usage camera traps to monitor animals that are in the location, and also point out indications of pets as well as interesting flora and also fauna on the walks.

You’ll need to be fit and healthy and balanced enough for jungle walks, as well as exploring the limerock caves. Tbelow are 60 caves in the Merapoh area, and also many type of have been occupied by human beings. Some have waterfalls or underground rivers, and also even a range of nocturnal wildlife.

Another component of this regimen is teaching conversational English to the civilization of the Batek village, concentrating on environmental topics and your explorations. Share your society and background, helping them learn around you and your interests as they build a small tourism industry.

Fly into Kuala Lumpur Airport (KUL) and also make your way to Merapoh, wbelow you’ll be met by the staff for orientation and also training. In-nation support is available 24/7. You’ll remain in a dormitory-style volunteer home in same-gender rooms. You’ll have actually continental breakquick and also packed lunch, and enjoy dinner out utilizing a food allowance. Shops are walking distance of the home.

Spfinish your free time exploring Merapoh, or relaxing after the lengthy days on the Tiger Trail. When your task is completed, explore Kuala Lumpur making use of a bus tour about the city, or take food preparation lessons. Enjoy the canopy skywalk at the adjacent nationwide park, or take an eco-bike tour via Melaka. Fees for this routine start at $795 for one week. Find Out more below.

Namibia Carnivore Conservation Program

Join the Carnivore Conservation routine in Namibia and also help Frontier and its partners on a sustainable conservation plan that conserves cheetahs, leopards, and also hyenas. Namibia is house to one-third of the cheetah population, and it is an endangered species in this country. As well, the leopard’s variety has actually decreased in the previous years bereason of habitat loss and hunting. These essential animals are intimidated because their habitat has actually end up being farmland, and also they prey on the farmers’ livestock.

You will spfinish the first week of your placement helping Frontier’s partners develop a sustainable conservation plan that avoids human-animal problem. Work via biologists to monitor and also track these two massive cats, offering scientific research right into their habits. You’ll take part in pet counts, tracking and identifying carnivore spoors, and locating trees wbelow cheetahs leave marks. Assist with setting and also checking box traps and capture of the pets, then assist move them to a remote wildlife release site. Then you’ll learn exactly how to find and procedure the telemeattempt tracking information of collared cheetahs and also leopards.

The remainder of your placement will certainly be spent at the wildlife sanctuary, sustaining the staff via their everyday tasks, including feeding and basic care of lions, leopards, cheetahs, wild dogs, caracals, meerkats, and also occasionally orphaned baby baboons.

Fly right into Hosea Kutako Internationwide Airport in Windhoek (WDH), and a team member will certainly meet you then move you to the sanctuary for your task advent. You’ll sleep in a big safari tent with a living room and a common bedroom area. Electricity and solar-heated showers are obtainable, and all meals are consisted of. Program fees start at $2,745 for 3 weeks.

While you’re in Namibia, enjoy some of the distinct activities this nation hregarding market, such as dune surfing in the Namib Desert, visiting the Kolmanskopp gorganize town, or traveling to Cape Cross to check out the large seal colony that resides there. Discover more and use here!

Big Cats Rule!

Big cats dominion their region as the alpha predator, yet they’re essential to the earth for an additional factor. As carnivores, substantial cats love meat, and also this has actually an affect on plant populations. Due to the fact that lions, leopards, tigers, and cheetahs hunt the herbivores in their habitat, and also they spread seeds in their scat, they create what’s dubbed a “trophic cascade” – an interaction that have the right to regulate whole ecounits. When an ecodevice loses its apex predators, and also as soon as a crucial species disappears, the mechanism loses balance and also the whole region deserve to experience. Big cats preeminence for a reason and via your help, they can remain at the peak.