Charlene O.

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Vickie has actually always been nice and also expertise.I haven"t had actually any troubles.they have actually helped me a lot.for emergency money. Charlene Owens.say thanks to u

Marilyn Y.

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I dubbed to advise I remained in the hospital for 23 days as a result of significant accident . Vicky was rude and also basically advised me she did treatment that they supposed. Payment. I have tried to catch payment up and also this day served court payment should mailed payment 2 weeks earlier. Slowly advised I would certainly. Mail a other payment 2r weeks. Just mind to file ba bankruptcy and they would certainly get nothing sindicate bereason the method Vicky talked to me. I"m just illustration STD and also SS. This agency has had plenty of bad reviews and I would certainly civilization to protect against at all cost. If she was in this kind of bad situation I"m certain an she would require compassion. I will likewise file Better Business complaint and also the many type of complaints against them. Signed Marilyn Steele

Kitty C.

Volunteer lenders is sorry. I will shed every little thing in my home before I ever before obtain any type of money from them. They repossessed my mother"s truck bereason she missed 2 months payment as soon as she has payed on time for years via them. They say she will certainly have to pay all of the money back in 10 days or they will sale her truck. They won"t also let her pay the 2 months wright here she was behind to gain it ago. They are extremely sorry world if I had to price them from 1-10 1 being the shed and also 10 being the highest I would offer them -7,000. Do not go to volunteer lenders! They don"t deserve a star yet can not short article via out one

After being a customer for years, volunteer lenders arranged to have our car repossessed in the middle of the night for violating the 2 month rule. We are a family members of 6 going with the hardest financial crisis of our stays that currently need to number out exactly how to work and take treatment of our family without a automobile unless of course, we come up with the full balance that has all the ridiculous interemainder fees. Documentation of our case, pleas of understanding and payment arrangements of merely days were quickly dismissed and ignored. If you want a finance agency who actually cares about more than what your monthly payment is, this is not the agency you want. Discover from our horrible mistake. Companies who treat customers choose this never remajor, they wilt amethod and also are quickly forgotton. You may have taken our automobile, however no finance firm deserve to break our spirit. Enjoy your brand-new auto, it offered us well, and our household will remajor bonded understanding this also shall soon pass.