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​Volunteer Services​

The animals and also staff at AC&C require you!  We are an extremely busy shelter via many kind of animals and world entering with our doors. We strive to administer the ideal possible service and always need added volunteers!

Tbelow are 3 methods you deserve to volunteer:

Become a full Volunteer- Requires a minimum 4 hours a month, application, background examine, and also drug test.

Become a Kitten Nursery volunteer- Requires a minimum of 4 hours a month, application, and also background check.

Become a Foster Parent- Requires an application.

At this time uneasily accessible due to Covid-19: For temporary volunteering- If you are 18+ years, want to volunteer, and also cannot commit to the forced 4 hours a month, you are still welcome to volunteer! You'll have to email Lori Todd at ltodd
cmpd.org to get the existing volunteer visiting hrs and you have to sign a waiver at the begin of each visit.

At this time unavailable due to Covid-19: For minors- If you are 15-17 years old, you are welpertained to volunteer at the animal sanctuary. You will certainly must email Lori Todd at ltodd
cmpd.org to erected an appointment date(s) for you to be paired with one of our veteran volunteers. Your paleas will certainly be compelled to sign a waiver eextremely time you are scheduled to come out.

By scrolling dvery own the web page, you'll find each section in a drop dvery own menu in addition to the applications to acquire you started on joining the volunteer team.


Before you sign up with, remember that the hrs are a minimum of 4 hrs a month.

Volunteer Jobs:​​

Lobby Attendant & Animal Interactivity – Volunteers aid front respond to staff by retrieving animals from the adoption kennels for citizen introduction and also adoption consideration. Pet owner education and learning likewise is relayed through conversations with the adopters. Plus, pet owners often search for shed animals at our shelter and require direction from volunteers.

Exercising/Socializing Animals – The shelter"s dogs, cats and also rodents spfinish a lot of time in their ceras and kennel runs. Volunteer attention offered to the animals with walks, petting, side yard runs and toy play administer the physical release and trust building interactivity essential.

Bathing/Grooming Animals – The staff needs aid via bapoint and grooming the pets to save them clean and healthy! Presentation is everything and also those pets looking their finest will certainly lure the adopters.

Cleaning/Disinfecting Kennels & Cages – Daily cleaning and also disinfection of the animal kennels and also cperiods is a time consuming job however essential for preventing the spcheck out of pet illnesses. The sanctuary staff is very appreciative of the volunteer assist obtained.

Off-website Adoption Events – Adoption conserves pet lives and also the possibility to embrace is provided not just within the sanctuary but likewise at miscellaneous off-website locations throughout the county. Volunteers are needed to assist via fostering event preparation consisting of animal social ability assessment, pet bathing and also supply gathering. Adalternative occasions are regulated via volunteer shifts and also the work encompass animal showsituations, public education, fostering agent paperwork duties and also mascot costume wear!

Spay/Neuter & Rabies Vaccination/Microchip Clinics – Volunteer support to the vet staff within clinics is required on the second Saturday of each month. Animal patient check-in, surgical treatment recoextremely security, instrument pack assembly and also crowd regulate are some of the tasks helped by the volunteers.

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Pictures, videos, bios – Animals are made adoptable eincredibly day. New pictures, videos, and also bios have to be produced for marketing them in order to assist them uncover brand-new homes.

When you successfully finish volunteer orientation you will be partnered through a volunteer mentor for training, and receive your On-Site Activity shirt for $20. After that, as you finish the other desigcountries for Off-Site Events, you will certainly receive specially designed shirts at no charge.

The volunteer procedure deserve to take some time given that we are part of the police department. We ask that you be patient while your application and also background checks are processed. Once complete, you"ll be contacted for a drug test, and then contacted to attend a volunteer orientation.

Ready to sign up with the volunteer team? Great! Fill out the volunteer application.

If you are currently a volunteer, be certain to enter your hours at myaffect.com.

Fostering a pet is not a lifetime commitment; it’s a commitment to save a life.

We are always in search of foster paleas that are willing to open their home and hearts to take animals home to help through miscellaneous health and wellness, habits, or clinical requirements. One one-of-a-kind need among fosters are neonate kittens; both freshly weaned kittens who simply need time to grow/be socialized and neonates who should be bottle fed. It’s fun, rewarding, and a wonderful experience.​​

You execute not must be a complete CMPD Volunteer to be a foster parent. Being a foster parent can incorporate actively looking for a new house which implies that the pet could be listed as obtainable and also your contact information will be provided on the webwebsite. Potential adopters will be able to contact you straight.

As you decide whether to come to be a foster parent please consider the following:

Can you separate your foster pets from your own?

Many of the animals coming to the shelter have never got vaccicountries or even been to a veterinarian.  While we make every initiative to assure that just healthy and balanced animals are placed into foster treatment, some perform end up being ill.  We carry out not want any type of conditions to be transmitted to your individual pets so isolation of foster pets for the first few weeks is crucial.  This also will enable time for your pets to acclimate to the visibility of your foster pets. 

Are you all set for the time investment of fostering?

No matter what form of pet you are interested in fostering there will certainly be a time commitment of at leastern several hours each day.  This will certainly entail feeding the pets, cleaning up after them and also socializing them.  In enhancement you will certainly should make multiple trips to the sanctuary so that the veterinary staff can monitor their health and wellness. 

Are you able to monitor the wellness of the foster animals?

When we entrust you through the care of our animals we will certainly be relying on you to watch them for signs of disease or injury.  You will certainly have to learn what is normal for your foster animals to be able to identify what is abnormal and report that to us as beforehand as feasible so that we can treat the pet accordingly. 

Can you get to us quickly in the event of an emergency?

If an animal in your care requirements clinical attention you should have the ability to transport the animal to the sanctuary or a designated veterinarian. 

Can you area your trust in staff to decide what is ideal for an animal?

Sometimes adoption is not an choice even after an pet has remained in foster care.  This can be difficult to control emotionally. 

Can you tell your friends that they need to go via normal fostering procedures?

While we hope that you will certainly network-related through your friends and also household to find your foster pets a house they will certainly should concerned the sanctuary to complete the fostering transaction- these pets cannot be embraced out from your home. 

Are you emotionally prepared to return the animal after the foster duration is over?

Many people who foster animals come to be attached to them and also have actually challenge letting go when it is time to return the animals for adoption.  You will have actually lavished love and also attention on the animals in your treatment and then, at some point, they are no much longer roughly.  However, you deserve to take comfort in discovering that they have the opportunity to find a loving house because of the job-related you did. 

If you have actually answered yes to all these questions then we are excited to have actually you take the following action to end up being a foster parent!

You must be at leastern 18 years of age prior to applying but you perform not have to be a Mecklenburg County resident.

NOTE that our best foster needs are for:

Small and big dogs that need socializationLarge dogs who need a break from the kennelsbottle baby kittensweaned kit10s that require socialization and weight gainmomma cats nursing babies

There are numerous different forms of fostering that are needed:

Kitten Fosters:  kit10s as well young to safely be placed for adoption.  Foster parents provide love and also treatment while the kittens flourish.  Once a kitten reaches the age and weight required for the adoption program, the kitten MUST be returned to the sanctuary.  The littles are easier to place! 

Cat Fosters: cats that have actually remained in the shelter for a longer duration of time need breaks from the kennel!  Also, cats that present actions pertains to in the kennel or in this hustle and bustle setting.  Length of time for cultivating would certainly be identified by foster coordinator.

Puppy Fosters: puppies as well young to safely be put for fostering.  This is a rare foster as we do not check out a lot of this anymore (yay spay/neuter!).  But in the off opportunity that one could come in, the foster parent would certainly provide love and treatment while the puppy grows.  Once the puppy reaches the age and weight required for the adoption regimen, the puppy MUST be went back to the shelter.

Dog Fosters: Adult dogs might must be fostered for a variety of reasons: kennel tension, lengthy length of continue to be in the sanctuary, heartworms, clinical difficulties, and also minor behavior comes to.  You will occupational via the foster coordinator to identify size of time essential for foster.

Find the guidelines and also application virtual.

Once apshowed you"ll be contacted by our foster coordinator, Amy Yeager, to get you began.

*Please note that this foster regime is just for our sanctuary pets in require of foster care. If you very own a pet that you need to find a foster house for, you need to contact rescues groups to see if they have the right to help.*

If you are already a foster parent, you deserve to schedule wellness checks/follow ups for your fosters.