Visalia rescue mission volunteer

We have a number of volunteer methods available, and we are excited for you to serve those in need!

**VRM does not currently carry out court-ordered business hrs.**

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Attend an orientation, and then pick a day and also time that fits your schedule! All meal servers must attfinish the orientation on an annual basis. We desire to equip you through whatever you have to be a part of this ministry!

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Go deeper and also get connected in ministry regularly! The avenues are endless: sorting in the donation facility, stocking shelves at among the thrift stores, mentoring, working at distinct events, information entry, leading worship at chapel, and more!

*All volunteers under the age of 18 must have adult supervision. Click HERE for various other guidelines.

If you need aid, contactThe Volunteer Teamat volunteer

Check out these Volunteer methods and contact our volunteer coordinator for more indevelopment.


VRM Thrift is a vibrant component of the minisattempt. In thrift, you will serve alongside occupants in VRM’s Life Change Academy and encourage them in their journey to a life of hope and also restoration with Jesus Christ. You will certainly build deep, systematic relationships and have a ton of fun along the way! Click HERE to book an indevelopment meeting.


Maybe you are trying to find a means to make an impact in your area, and you’ve obtained awesome office endure. We would love for you to join us! Click HERE to book an information meeting.


Partner through us in producing a safe and healing environment for those enduring from homelessness in our area. Click HERE to book an indevelopment meeting.


The Life Change Academy is a 12 month regime for males and woguys that desire to break the chains of addiction and end up being God-dependent and also contributing members of their neighborhood. Join us in sustaining our residents as they take steps toward ultimate hope and restoration via Jesus Christ! Click HERE to book an indevelopment meeting.


That’s not a problem! We’ve acquired a wide array of volunteers partnering through us. The mission of the Volunteer Program at VRM is to invite, determine, and also select you for a position that is in line with your God-given skills and talents. All you must understand is that God has dubbed you to serve, and also we will assist you discover the ideal fit! Click HERE to book an indevelopment meeting.