Usc Political Science Major Requirements


How Much Student Debt Do Political Science Graduates from USC Have?

Student Debt of Political Science Graduates with a Bachelor"s Degree

While acquiring their bachelor"s degree at USC, political science students borrow a median amount of $14,000 in student loans. This is not also negative given that the median debt load of all political scientific research bachelor"s level recipients throughout the country is $23,184.

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The typical student loan payment of a bachelor"s degree student from the political science routine at USC is $145 per month.

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Political Science Student Diversity at USC

Take a look at the adhering to statistics regarded the make-up of the political scientific research majors at College of Southern The golden state.

The adhering to table and chart present the ethnic background for students that newly graduated from College of Southern California via a bachelor"s in political science.

Ethnic BackgroundNumber of StudentsAsian17Babsence or Afrihave the right to American12Hispanic or Latino28White68Non-Resident Aliens7Other Races9