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When I first began controlling straight mail for nonrevenues, I found navigating the world of bulk mail truly painful. One especially vexing question: Of the different alternatives for nonprofit price mass mail, which was ideal for my fundelevating mailing?

Here’s what I learned.

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First, an essential tip: While your company should apply and also be apconfirmed to mail at nonprofit rates (which have the right to save you lots of money in postage), you don’t need to pay the $200 yearly fee if you usage a 3rd party mail home to process your mailings. The mail house deserve to usage their permit number and either encompass your pophase costs in your last invoice or gain a check from you in advancement to cover the pophase (the last is commonly preferred).

Tbelow are basically 3 alternatives for nonprofit price bulk (aka “standard”) mail:

1) Pre-printed indicia

These are the printed postage blocks you’ve most likely viewed that say, “nonprofit org US pophase paid” along with a permit number underneath. They look something like this:


Indicia deserve to be published on your outer envelope either throughout the printing of your return attend to or once the mailing addresses are added by your mail house.

There are a few downsides to making use of a pre-printed indicia. Many type of civilization will frequently think the “US Postage Paid” on the envelope suggests they can mail an individual piece first class. Not the case. You’ll need to area a very first class stamp over the indicia if you want to drop one in the mail solo. Also, if you require some envelopes without indicia (for circumstances if you are mailing first course to your major donor segment), it have the right to be slightly confutilizing to print some via indicia, some without.

2) Metered indicia 

Another means to gain your bulk mail permit on your envelope is to usage a postal meter. Your organization can purchase your extremely own meter which, although expensive, deserve to be convenient given that you can use your meter for any type of mailing. However, metering each individual mail item can be extremely labor intensive, specifically for larger mailings. Personally, I think metered mail in basic looks a tiny sloppier and bulk-maily-er than various other alternatives and also I’ve rarely check out this offered.

3) Pre-cancelled Nonprofit rate stamps:

Nonprofits have their very own course of nice bit USPS stamps. They look favor this:


The stamps (initially) cost $.05 each, (at the time of this writing) and are easily accessible in rolls of 500/ 3,000/ or 10,000. If you have actually a nonprofit price permit, you can buy them at some short article offices. Plan ahead to obtain these stamps well in development since they are regularly out of stock. I choose to have actually my mail home folks execute the tedious job-related of finding the stamps, one great reason to outsource your mailing services.

It is important to note, your final pophase is actually MORE than the $.05 you pay per stamp. When you provide your last mailing to the USPS, they will deduct from your (or your mail house’s) bulk mail account the continuing to be price of postage past the initial 5 cents you paid as soon as you purchased the stamps.

In my opinion, the stamps look a lot nicer than the other options, and also make your mailing look closer to initially course and also more personalized.

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But (a large con, here) stamps need additional labor, interpretation either more work for you or even more money to your mail residence who should use them, a second expense of approximately $.05 per item, which have the right to really add up. Also, if you are going to use them in home, make certain you acquire self -adhesive. Do you really desire to moisten all those stamps? Didn’t think so.

So which should you use? 

Which choice gets a far better return? According to Mal Warwick, a far-ranging difference has actually never been demonstrated in testing. I strongly suspect that bereason most of the information accessible is for extremely huge mailings, this doesn’t take into account smaller sized, even more targeted mailing lists. For a mailing to your best donors, stamps make your mailing look even more individual and are therefore even more likely to be opened and to geneprice an answer.

For bigger appeals (over 3,000 or so), I would stick through the prepublished indicia bereason of the extra labor and also expense associated through making use of the nonprofit stamps.

Remember, first class stamps are always finest for gift acknowledgements and as soon as mailing simply about anypoint to your significant donors. In fact, recent tests have actually demonstrated that for “prestige” mailings (which aren’t characterized in this article) initially course mailings generate both a bigger response price and bigger gift sizes.


USPS Company Mail 101 – This has actually some crucial introductory indevelopment, yet leaves many type of unanswered concerns, specifically as it applies to nonprofits.

Mal Warwick suggests in this post that metered direct mail might be the means to go and in this post discusses stamps vs. indicia.

Joanne Fritz writes about how to obtain apverified by the USPS for mailing at nonprofit prices.