Uic nonprofit management certificate

The Certificate in Nonprofit Management is an online, expert advance program giving an extensive suite of non-credit courses for the research of nonprofit administration.

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Offered by the School of Continuing Studies at the College of Illinois at Chicearlier, CNM is the longest running virtual non-crmodify, nonprofit monitoring regime in the country. Due to the fact that 2000, students from throughout the nation and around the people have come together in a stimulating atmosphere to learn the principles of controlling an effective nonprofit organization with online instruction and interactivity via other nonprofit practitioners and also expert faculty.

The Certificate in Nonprofit Management is right for those who:

Are presently functioning in the nonprofit market and desire to development their career.Have recently joined a nonprofit organization and need to learn even more around the sector.Need to get skills in a particular area of nonprofit monitoring.Are board members of nonprofit institutions.Are considering a readjust to a career in the nonprofit sector.

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Customize Your Education The CNM regimen gives you via a substantial advent to nonprofit administration. To earn the certificate, you will select and also complete six courses that ideal fulfill your individual discovering objectives. You may also register for one or even more individual courses if you are interested in particular topics in nonprofit management. Courses include:

Fundincreasing Management: Developing, Managing and also Assessing Your Fund Growth Plan Mastering Grant Writing: How to Write a Winning Grant Proposal Nonprofits and Civic Engagement: An Overview Operations Management: Topics in Organizational Effectiveness What Boards Do: Building Nonprofit Boards for Community and Organizational Leadership Building Partnerships and also Collaboration throughout Sectors Engaging the New Volunteer Workforce: Attracting and Retaining Volunteers to Strengthen Your Organization and Effect Social Change Financial Management: Fundamentals for the Nonfinancial Manager Individual Donors: Finding, Asking and Keeping Them Marketing Management: Telling Your Organization’s Story Nonprofits Today: Understanding the Sector’s Changing Landscape Program Deauthorize and also Evaluation: Measuring Impact to Strengthen Programs Public Policy Advocacy for Social Change Social Media Primer for Nonprofits Strategic Management: Aligning Mission, Vision and Values

Dedicated Instructors Experienced, professional instructors will certainly overview you through a structured, interenergetic learning endure that functions readings, interenergetic learning activities, discussion and hand-operated exercises. The work-related experiences of CNM instructors cover a vast range of nonprofit techniques, and the personalized guidance offered throughout the course is appropriate, insightful and also timely.

Valuable Colleagues Your classmates will encompass other nonprofit specialists. Together you will certainly share varied insights that will deeply enaffluent your discovering experience. Online CNM courses permit you to meet, work via and also learn from nonprofit professionals from everywhere the nation and around the globe.

Online Convenience All CNM courses are completely digital, so you will certainly be able to log on at any type of time. CNM courses encompass weekly structured digital discussions through your classmates and also instructor. You can participate in the courses whenever your schedule allows, but you must accomplish due days for weekly assignments.

Competitive Fees The non-credit nature of the program allows UIC to offer each course for $550. Each CNM course provides 50 hours of discovering and also instruction over a five-week duration. (Note: Mastering Grant Writing is a six-week course and prices $650.)

To learn more about the Certificate in Nonprofit Management digital routine, consisting of complete course descriptions and an upcoming course schedule, visit the Certificate in Nonprofit Management Internet site, e-mail cnm