Tuition at shippensburg university

Three determinants go into calculating your bill: your tuition and also fees, your housing, if you made a decision to live on campus, and also your meal arrangement, if you pick to have one. Room charges for off-campus students are not billed by the university.Your tuition will vary depending on whether you attfinish full-time or part-time, and whether or not you are a Pennsylvania resident.

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Full-time graduate and also doctoprice students attending rcfereform.orgpensburg University bring 9 credits of classes per semester. If you enroll less than permanent, your expenses will certainly be decreased and your eligibility for aid will be based upon those decreased charges.

GraduatePennsylvania Resident

Tuition & Fees(per credit)

PA ResidentPA Resident OnlinePA Resident - Education ProgramPA Resident Online - Education Program
Educational Service$82$82----
Technology Tuition$28$28----
Comprehensive Health$14--$14--
Student Union$25--$25--
Total Per Credit$665$626$665$626
Total for 3 Credits$1,995$1,878$1,995$1,878
Total for 6 Credits$3,990$3,756$3,990$3,756
Total for 9 Credits$5,985$5,634$5,985$5,634

GraduateNon Resident

Tuition & Fees(per credit)Non ResidentNon Resident Online
Educational Service$82$82
Technology Tuition$40$40
Comprehensive Health$14--
Student Union$25--
Total Per Credit$935$648
Total for 3 Credits$2,805$1,944
Total for 6 Credits$5,610$3,888
Total for 9 Credits$8,415$5,832


Tuition & Fees(per credit)

PA ResidentNon Resident
Technology Tuition$28$40
Total Per Credit$699$1,046

Additional Fees and Information

A $10.00 per crmodify Off Campus Support Fee is charged to students taking courses at particular places.International students are charged the non-resident tuition.

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Find details on our varied housing alternatives.

Meal Plans

Find details on our assorted meal arrangement choices and also their cost.


Beginning in Fall ’21, tuition for our education-related programs is now:

TUITION: $626 per credit

Further Fees: Comprehensive Health $14 per crmodify, and also Student Union $25 per credit.

Limited to the complying with programs:

Curriculum and Instruction, MEdEducation, MEdLiteracy Studies CertificateLiteracy, Technology and Reading, MEdOnline Learning, Instruction, and also Technology CertificatePrincipal’s Certification

Special Education Supervisory Certification,Special Education, MEd,STEM Education, MAT,Superintendent Letter of EligibilityTeaching English as a Second Language (TESL) Certificate