If you have a feeling for classics of any type of type we have a treat for you. Trojan ENZ, which we talk around now, is a timeless among condoms. This protective sheath has actually been covering men"s penises coastline to coastline and also past for numerous generations now.

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In this post, we look at Trojan ENZ – the signature trusted item from the #1 condom brand Americans revolve to for safer sex defense. We understand also that the opening can make you think we are going to talk about your grandfather"s prophylactics. Nopoint can be further from the truth. The just thing old around this time-tested Trojan condom kind is how lengthy it has been serving its customers.

Read on as we obtain into the nuts and bolts of Trojan ENZ.

What is Trojan ENZ?

Trojan ENZ is what you call a traditional rubber latex condom. Nopoint intricate and also no unique bells and whistles however that doesn"t mean tbelow are none at all. If you are searching for a trusted condom, this is it. Available in three variations.

Why is Trojan ENZ a classic?

The term timeless refers to a few points. The first is how lengthy this condom has been in Trojan"s product selection. The second is the directly wall form, which is taken into consideration the original condom form. The 3rd is its traditional thickness. ENZ comes in numerous variations, and also we present you to them all in a minute. First, let"s talk about the material offered to make these prophylactics.


Because these rubbers have been in Trojan"s inventory for a long time, it"s only logical that the condom product is natural rubber latex. This flexible material is the number one alternative for prophylactics and has been for nearly a century.

Note: Natural latex is still the most used material for prophylactic making.

Trojan ENZ

Now it’s time for us to introduce the ENZ line-up of currently easily accessible commodities.

Trojan ENZ Lubricated


More details

Trojan ENZ Non-Lubricated


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Trojan ENZ Spermicidal


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Natural rubber latex prophylactics come in a selection of shades of colors. Several determinants change the condom shade, among which is the certain ingredients included during the material manufacturing procedure. Trojan ENZ has actually a light, milky white transparent shade.


Today"s prophylactics are not just a lot even more reliable but additionally have an extra pleasant or at least not as disturbing smell. That is a definite development considering that prophylactics in the past were not as welcoming or hospitable to olfaction.Once you remove the Trojan ENZ from its wrapper, you will notice a slightly powdery scent. In comparikid to some various other prophylactics, we would refer to it as the usual scent. In general, as we stated, prophylactics of today perform not smell as strongly even compared to not that lengthy back.


The design of Trojan ENZ permits you to put it into action for approximately five years after its manufacturing date. That holds true under the normal storing problems.

Please, execute not torture your condoms by keeping them in your hot vehicle throughout summer or any kind of high-temperature days, then anticipating them to remajor in top shape after. Keep your prophylactics in your house clocollection or nightstand also for prolonged storage periods.

Avoid places wright here the temperature and also air moisture fluctuates since those factors might have actually an adverse result in the even more extended run.


We described Trojan ENZ as a classical a number of times throughout this short article and this applies greatly to its straight wall shape. The form of a condom is a factor in just how a prophylactic feels and also bereason we are all so various, the perception of feeling in turn varies. Tright here are thinner and also softer condoms out tright here, but in regards to shape, you can’t go also wrong through an ENZ.


The efficiency of Trojan ENZ condoms is as high as it is for any type of other herbal rubber prophylactics. The price will be high for you as well if you usage them appropriately eextremely time you have actually sex.We recommend utilizing common sense, and also a lot of of all, educating yourself about how to get the the majority of out of this prcooktop men"s birth control.

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ENZ is available in a traditional size. If you generally use a smaller condom you still desire to attempt it out. The thickness is typical so if you require something ultra thin you can desire to look right into Trojan BareSkin condoms considering that these are 40% thinner.

Width: 52 mm / 2.05"Length: 190 mm / 7.48"



Condom lubrication is a vital function when it comes to prophylactic consumption and also it"s no various in the case of ENZ. The out-of-the-wrapper lube is water-based and is on the external wall. Water-based lubes tend to dry out a little much faster due to evaporation. We recommfinish having actually added lubricant handy to reapply as essential.

Note: Do not usage oil-based lubricants on this condom since they undermine the herbal latex, making it more prone to breakage.


If you are seeking additional pregnancy avoidance security, the Trojan ENZ Spermicidal is your advisable choice. Just remember that the spermicide lube have the right to be a little less gentle to the sensitive skin of your exclusive location.

That is the factor for possible irritation or redness some people suffer. Read up more about condoms via spermicide.

Caution: You shouldn’t use prophylactics via spermicide more than once a day for vaginal usage. They are additionally not designed for anal sex.

Free Samples

We may not carry out any kind of Trojan ENZ totally free samples, yet that does not mean that we don’t have some one-of-a-kind offers for you.

Click the link(s) below eexceptionally product featured in this short article to go straight to the product web page.

You might wonder

Are they thin?

Trojan ENZ does not make it into the ultra-thin category. They are continual thickness condoms. It’s type of choose Goldie Locks and also the Three Bears – not as well thick and also not too thin. It’s simply ideal.

Will they break?

The stamina and durcapability of all Trojan condoms is nopoint you have to question. Nowadays, prophylactics are incredibly reputable, and also the just point that might damage them is a user’s uninformed dealing with and use.

Are they comfortable?

Comfort is the primal goal of eextremely condom manufacturer, and also it has actually somepoint to do with the dimension and additionally the product softness. Refer to the size area of this write-up to view the certain dimensions.

Does Trojan ENZ have actually spermicide?

Yes, tright here is one Trojan ENZ is obtainable that has spermicidal lube for additional pregnancy protection. Our selection of spermicide rubbers is not restricted to this single item, however.

To wrap it up

Throughout this write-up, we told you that Trojan ENZ is a timeless.

This latex condom gets its bragging legal rights due to the long time it has been about as well as for its universally welcomed shape. If you have actually no principle wbelow to begin when it concerns safer sex or are just trying to find something different to attempt, Trojan ENZ is a good bet. You really can’t go too wrong through it. Classics are classical for a reason.

Give it a go and watch what you think.In any situation, always remember that it"s better to usage any kind of condom you might have than not usage one at all. Be a classical and Hump responsibly.