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The go-to nonprofit handbook, updated and also expanded for today"s leader

The Jossey-Bass Handbook of Nonprofit Leadership and Management is the bestmarketing professional referral and leading message on the attributes, processes, and also techniques that are integral to the efficient management and also monitoring of nonprofit and nongovernpsychological institutions. Now in its fourth edition, this handbook presents the many present study, concept, and also practice in the area of nonprofit leadership and monitoring. This valuable, pertinent guide is inhelpful to the reliable practice of nonprofit management and monitoring, via expanded attention to accountcapacity, transparency, and organizational effectiveness. It likewise broadly covers the practice of social entrepreneurship, presented through an integrative perspective that helps the reader make useful sense of exactly how to bring it all together.

Nonprofit organizations present distinctive methods and also challenges for meeting the needs of societies and also their communities, yet nonprofit administration is more complicated and also complicated than ever. This Handbook offers a frame to assist you lead and control efficiently and also efficiently in this new atmosphere. Building on solid existing scholarship, the handbook gives candid, practical guidance from nationally-well-known leaders who share their insights on:

The connection in between board performance and also business effectivenessManaging inner and outside stakeholder relationshipsFinancial vicapability and sustainability and also exactly how to boost both for the long termStrategies to efficiently tempt, retain, and also mobilize the extremely ideal of staff and volunteers

The fourth edition of the handbook also contains content appropriate to associations and also membership institutions. The content of the handbook is supplemented and enriched by a substantial collection of virtual supplements and also devices, consisting of reading lists, web recommendations, checklists, PowerPoint slides, conversation guides, and also sample exams. Running your nonprofit or nongovernmental organization effectively in today"s complicated and complex setting demands even more understanding and ability than ever before, deployed in a thoughtful and also pragmatic way. Grounded in the a lot of useful contemporary scholarship and theory, and also defined from the perspective of efficient exercise, The Jossey-Bass Handbook of Nonprofit Leadership and also Management is a pivotal reresource for successful nonprofit leaders in these stormy times.

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Table of contents

Figures, Tables, and Exhibits Summary to the Fourth Edition Part One: The Context and also Institutional Setting of the Nonprofit Sector Chapter 1: Historical Perspectives on Nonprofit Organizations in the United States Chapter 2: The Legal Framework-related of the Nonprofit Sector in the USA Chapter 3: The Changing Context of Nonprofit Management in the USA Chapter 4: The Many kind of Faces of Nonprofit Accountcapability Part Two: Leading and also Governing Nonprofit Organizations Chapter 5: Leadership, Governance, and also the Work of the Board Chapter 6: Executive Leadership Chapter 7: Ethical Nonprofit Management: Core Values and Key Practices Chapter 8: Strategic Management Chapter 9: Strategic Planning and the Strategy Change Cycle Chapter 10: Understanding Nonprofit Effectiveness Part Three: Managing Nonprofit Operations Chapter 11: Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation Chapter 12: Social Enterprise and Nonprofit Ventures Chapter 13: Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations Chapter 14: Advocacy, Lobbying, and also Social Change Chapter 15: Value Creation Thstormy Collaboration Chapter 16: Outcome Assessment and Program Evaluation Part Four: Developing and also Managing Nonprofit Financial Resources Chapter 17: Financial Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations Chapter 18: Philanthropy and also Fundraising: The Comprehensive Development Program Chapter 19: Nonprofit Finance: Developing Nonprofit Reresources Chapter 20: Managing the Challenges of Government Contracts Chapter 21: Tools and also Techniques of Nonprofit Financial Management Part Five: Leading and also Managing People in Nonearnings Chapter 22: Effective Human Resource Management: Nonprofit Staffing for the Future Chapter 23: Compensation: Total Rewards Programs in Nonprofit Organizations Chapter 24: Designing and also Managing Volunteer Programs Conclusion: The Future of Nonprofit Leadership and also Management References

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Title: The Jossey-Bass Handbook of Nonprofit Leadership and Management, fourth Edition Author(s): David O. Renz Release date: August 2016 Publisher(s): Jossey-Bass ISBN: 9781118852965


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