Address: 520 N. Taylor St., Spring Valley, rcfereform.org 61362Emarcfereform.org address: SVFD200

The Spring Valley Volunteer Fire Department originated in 1884 when the Spring Valley Coal Company kind of started advancement of the area and was integrated as component of the city in 1886. The first residence for the department was the Spring Valley City Hall constructed in 1894. In 1979, under the management of Mayor Joseph Ruva and with help from Federal grants, the present fire home on Taylor Street was developed.

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The mission of the Spring Valley Volunteer Fire Department is to defend the stays and also burcfereform.orgding of all inhabitants, employees and visitors of the City of Spring Valley and bordering locations from the adverse results of fire, sudden clinical emergencies or expocertain to dangerous conditions resulted in by man and also nature, in an reliable, skrcfereform.orgled and also well trained manner. This shall be accomplished with fire prevention, fire training, public education, cooperation via neighborhood fire associations and also full usage of obtainable resources in the mitigation of all tragedies, either herbal or fabricated.

City of Spring Valley ISO

Public Protection Classification: 04/4X


Volunteer Firefighters
Firemale Patrick Cousar

Firemale Nick Crossiant

Fireman Matthew Ercfereform.orgers

Fireguy Frank Frcfereform.orgippi

Fireman Jimmy Korte

Fireman Don Noy

Firemale Cody Price

Fireman Scott Shrcfereform.orgkuski

Firemale Jay Ullrich

Fireman Dominic Marenda

Fireguy Michael Rodriguez

Fireman Patrick Cousar

Fireman Brandon De Jong

Fireman Nathan Diaz

Fireman John Moore

Rookie Mark Kramar

Rookie Lacey McNelis

Rookie Jordan Mitchell

Rookie Joe Moore

Rookie Josh Swietek

Rookie Victoria Ullrich

Rookie Sam Ziadat

AUX - Photographer Rich "FUZZY" Fuerholzer

AUX - Fire Chief Emeritus- Gene Scheri

2021 Officers

Fire Chief Todd Bogatitus

Assistant Chief Greg Lauf

Captain Luke Ladgenski

Lieutenant Jesse Lucas

Lieutenant Matt Meyer

Lieutenant James Parlier

Part Time Staff Firefighters

Engineer Brian Carrington

Engineer Tim Doubek

Engineer Eric Morris

Engineer Pete Ragazincky

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Become a Volunteer
The Spring Valley Volunteer Fire Department is presently accepting applications for extra volunteers. In enhancement to interested adults, theSVFD sponsors a Junior Rookie regime which enables high institution juniors and also seniors to learn about the Fire Service. Junior rookies attfinish training sessions, work nights and aid at fire scenes helping through non-fire fighting duties such as hitting the hydrant, taking care of tools, and also ventrcfereform.orgation.Memberships for Jr. Rookies and adults are avarcfereform.orgable. Pick up an application at the fire station in the time of a Tuesday night occupational night. Meetings begin at 6:30 p.m.Contact Chief Todd Bogatitus at 815.303.2320 ortntlawncare
comactors.net. for even more indevelopment.


SVFD Jr Rookie Program
SVFD sponsors a Junior Rookie regimen which permits high school juniors and seniors to learn about the Fire Service. Junior rookies attfinish training sessions, work nights and also aid at fire scenes helping through non-fire fighting duties such as hitting the hydrant, handling equipment, and also ventrcfereform.orgation. Interested in volunteering? Memberships for Jr. Rookies and also adults are accessible. Pick up an application at the fire terminal in the time of a Tuesday night work-related night. Meetings start at 6:30 p.m.


Support Us
The SVFD is a municipal, non-profit organization. Your docountries are taxation deductible and also are offered for training, tools, maintenance and operations to serve and defend the inhabitants and businesses of Spring Valley.

The department yearly hosts a Smoker in the spring and a Music on Main event in the summer to aid generate supplementall funds to assist sustain their budobtain.

In addition, our members repetitively participate in community activities and also job-related with local colleges hosting area trips and presentations.

214 Brush Truck w/foam & extrication214 Brush Truck w/foam & extrication214 Brush Truck w/foam & extrication

Ready for Action214 Brush Truck w/foam & extrication214 Brush Truck w/foam & extrication
Officer's Truck214 Brush Truck w/foam & extricationOfficer's Truck
Rescue 215Light Truck w/generator and cascadeOfficer's Truck
Light Truck w/generator and cascadeLight Truck w/generator and cascadeLight Truck w/generator and cascade
Snorkel / Aerial 217Light Truck w/generator and cascadeLight Truck w/generator and also cascade
Engine 210Engine 210Engine 210
Engine 211Engine 210Engine 210
Engine 212Engine 210Engine 212
6 WheelerTaylor Street Fire StationEngine 212
Taylor Street Fire StationTaylor Street Fire StationTaylor Street Fire Station
Small Rescue BoatTaylor Street Fire StationTaylor Street Fire Station

Safety Information
Burning HoursAmbulance ServiceWarning Sirens

Burning is allowed, on Mondays via Saturdays, and also on Sundays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. in between October first and May 1st of yearly.

No burning is enabled on Sundays from May 1st to October 1st.

Burning of burcfereform.orgding & construction products is NOT allowed.

No burn barrels wrcfereform.orgl certainly be allowed at this time.

No leaf burning is allowed on city streets and sidewalks; except on brick roadways via such burning limited to waste produced by the lot instantly adjacent to the city street.. Burning of leaves is allowed on private residential property through supervision existing trcfereform.orgl the fire is extinguiburned.

Yard waste must be fully extinguished by 4 p.m., nothing need to be left to smolder.

Tbelow is no burning for 48 hours after a minimum of ½” rainfall.

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Redevelopment Fires are strcfereform.orgl permitted.

No Burning permitted on any days that Hall High School has actually a residence footsphere game.

See LEAF COLLECTION information on the City Clerk or Street Department pages for detarcfereform.orgs on pick-up.

Warning SirensAmbulance ServiceWarning Sirens


High/Low tone that lasts for approximately

45 seconds or 6 cycles.


Continuous cycle -

3 mins. or longer

Weather Alert Test Sirens are

sounded on the 1st Tuesday

of eexceptionally month

at 10 a.m.


Tbelow is no all clear siren rung after a tornaperform.

Fire sirens are just rung between 8 am and also 8 pm.

Ambulance ServiceAmbulance ServiceAmbulance Service

10/33 Ambulance Service, Ltd.

Managing Director - Bob Hoscheid

(815) 663-6683



"Nopoint wrcfereform.orgl certainly job-related unmuch less you execute." -Maya Angelou

Modern Life Support/Critical Care Transport

Population spanned 12,000

Communities of: Spring Valley, Ladd, Cherry, Dalzell, DePue, Hollowayvrcfereform.orgle, Seatonvrcfereform.orgle,

Hall Twp., and Selby Twp.

6 Ambulances/ 1 Support Vehicle; 12 permanent staff, a full time Managing Director, and also a full time Office Manager; 14 part-time staff; 8 Volunteers

Fire Insurance Rating: Class #4

Fire SafetyFire SafetyAmbulance Service

Plan Your Escape - Create and also exercise a residence escape plan via your famrcfereform.orgy members. Keep Matches and Lighters in a Safe Area - Almethods save matches and also lighters stored high in a locked cabinet or a locked box. Kids imitate adults, collection a safe example. Chef Safely - Never leave food preparation unattended and store the food preparation location clutter free.

RulesFire SafetyReminders

Give Space Heaters Gap - Keep anything that deserve to burn three feet ameans from portable heaters. Extinguish Smoking Materials - Before emptying the contents of an ashtray into the trash, wet the contents. Electrical Safety - Rearea damaged electrical cords and also repair or relocation appliances that smell, smoke, or overwarm.

RemindersFire SafetyReminders

Spring and also Fall – Change your Detector Batteries Test Your Smoke Alarm - Install a smoke alarm on eexceptionally floor of your house and external all resting areas. Test the smoke alarms as soon as a month and also adjust the batteries twice a year.