Social Innovation And Impact In Nonprofit Leadership

This timely textbook, showing the trends and also developments in the nonprofit sector over the past decade, incorporates the core competencies compelled to lead nonprofit institutions with social development and also impact in the time of the 2first century.

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It fills a expertise gap for leaders, supervisors, practitioners, students, faculty members, and also providers in this swiftly thriving area by giving a considerable framework for how to run and also regulate nonearnings. This has all of the tools required to influence social change with moral company methods, administration and also management company methods, social marketing, and plan analysis across federal government, nonearnings, and also philanthropy.

The development of this area is shown by recent national initiatives including the establishment of a White House Office of Social Innovation and also Civic Participation, a National Alliance for Social Investments, and also the Stanford Social Innovation Resee. The book addresses services to vital trouble for professionals in the nonprofit sector: producing a rerevolve on investment identified by concrete outcomes and ability to demonstrate their organization"s influence. Organizational instance research studies are presented by practitioners who have used innovative values to organize, produce, and also control ventures to affect social readjust in your area, regionally, and also beyond.

Key Features:

Provides a comprehensive structure for exactly how to run and manage nonrevenues in the 2first century Describes the core competencies and also devices required to impact social innovation and impact Addresses a vital problem for nonprofit professionals: the should carry out donors via a social rerotate on investment Discusses just how nonprofit leaders have the right to show their organization"s influence Written and edited by very respected professionals in the nonprofit area

Contributors ix

Foreword Diana Aviv, MSW xxiii

Preface xxix

Acknowledgments xxxi

1. Summary and Summary 1

Marissa Prianti, Caroline Ridgmeans, Nicholas D. Torres, and Tine Hansen-Turton

2. Nonprofit Accountcapability, Transparency, Governance, Fiduciary

Responsibilities, and Ethics 7

Jennifer Alleva, Jill M. Michal, and also Nicholas D. Torres

3. Examining Organizational Impact and also Outcome Measurement 25

David E. K. Hunter

4. Outcomes As Scaling Platcreates 51

Ken Berger, Lisa R.

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Kleiner, Jeff Mason, Farrah Parkes, and also Robert M. Penna

5. Next-Generation Nonrevenues 63

Michael Clark, Clifford C. David, Jr., Jachild Hwang, Nancy Moses, Suzy Nelson, and

Nicholas D. Torres

6. Convening, Leading, and Supporting the Social Sector: Best and Next Practices 81

Ricdifficult Cohen, Liz Dow, Tine Hansen-Turton, and R. Andrew Swinney

7. Generational Leadership in Leading Social Advancements and also Impact 97

Mark Carnesi, David Castro, Tine Hansen-Turton, Erin N. Hillman, Jeff Klein,

R. Anattracted Swinney, Independent Sector—the 2010 Amerideserve to Express NGen Fellows,


by Independent Sector

8. The Death of Planning—The Birth of Strategic Action Plans 119

Sara Brenner, Fernanperform Chang-Muy, Paul Connolly,

Jeremy Christopher Kohomban, Nicholas D. Torres, and Peter York

9. Complex Organizations in the Nonprofit Social Sector 131

Ricdifficult Cohen, Maria Cristalli, Undraye Howard, and also Tine Hansen-Turton

10. Finding Your Funding Model: A Practical Approach to Nonprofit

Sustainability 145

Peter Kim, Gail Perreault, William Foster, and also Meg Rayford

11. Marketing and Communication 181

Dina Wolfguy Baker and Theodore Search

12. Government Contracting and also How to Navigate Fiscal Crisis 197

Daniel Stid, Willa Seldon, and the Urban Institute

13. Advocacy Strategies for Policy Change 229

Tine Hansen-Turton, Tess Mullen, Susan Sherguy, and David Thornburgh

Appendix A: Methodology for the Independent Sector NGen Fellows Project 245

Appendix B: Design and also Function of the CCAT 249

Appendix C: How to Research Funding Sources 255

Appendix D: Recommended Readings 259

Index 261