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Independent AuditorSample Research for Proposal (RFP)

Dear (Partner of Independent Audit Firm):(XYZ Name) has actually offered its current accounting firm, (Name of Audit Firm), for ___ year(s). While we are pleased via its solutions, we have actually made a decision to review which bookkeeping firm will certainly business our accounting needs over the following _____ year period. (Name of Current Audit Firm) will likewise be presenting a proposal to retain this account. We use our bookkeeping firm as follows:

Audit of the financial statements for the year finishing ________________, 20___.Preparation of the related monitoring letter.Presentation of the results of the audit and also the management letter at the board’s audit committee meeting in ____________________ of every year.Consultation on financial and also various other matters pertained to the company as compelled yearly.Very limited consultation on tax matters as compelled.

The main customers of the financial statements are the board of directors and the audit committee. In enhancement to the audit of the financial statements and also meetings via management and also the audit committee, we also call for approximately ___ hrs of partner and manager time for consultation via administration throughout the year.Your firm has been selected as a candiday for review of your qualifications to provide these solutions, and is hereby invited to submit a written proposal. Specific inquiries to which we ask your response are provided in Exhilittle I. Please note that your proposal fees have to be for a ___ year period, beginning ______________________________, and also need to be based upon a solitary, yearly fee for the routine and also consultative solutions outlined above.In an initiative to minimize the time compelled for you to prepare your proposal, we have actually enclosed the following background information and questionnaires for your consideration:Exhibit I OverviewExhilittle II Audit Time Table and DeliverablesExhibit III Scope of OperationExhibit IV Organizational ChartsA. GeneralB. Office of FinanceExhilittle bit V Audited Financial Statements for the year ended ________________, 20___Any extra information which you may need to prepare your proposal may be acquired by scheduling an appointment via me. My administrative assistant, ___________________________, can schedule an appointment with you.Three duplicates of your written proposal are due in our office by ________________, 20___, and also will certainly be reperceived by our finance committee in ______________, 20___. Once a last decision has actually been made, you will certainly be notified of the audit committee’s selection no later on than ________________, 20___.The audit committee of the (XYZ Name) reserves the best to disapprove any kind of or all proposals submitted and also to also make award where it shows up it will be to the best interemainder of (XYZ Name).Thank you in development for your interemainder in our account. Please carry out not hesitate to speak to me if tright here are any concerns in regard to this repursuit.Sincedepend,______________________________


XYZ NameXYZ City, State

Questions for Prospective Accounting Firm

Profile of Firm:

Describe the firm on an in its entirety basis, both locally and also nationally.Summarize the firm’s qualifications regarding nonprofit establishments from an audit, EDP, and also taxes perspective.Give the firm’s existing enhance of personnel by specialty, division, and also employment classification in the _______________ office.Describe your neighborhood audit staff turnover experience within the past 3 years and exactly how you would provide continuity of assigned personnel on this engagement.Describe the in its entirety results of your firm’s a lot of recent peer review.

Quality of Audit:

Describe the firm’s audit strategy, consisting of evaluation of internal controls.Describe how your firm will achieve a simple expertise of (XYZ Name)’s operations and also activities for planning the audit.Describe the regional office’s endure in taking care of various other nonprofit clients comparable to the (XYZ Name).Describe the local office’s capability to audit in a computer system atmosphere.Describe the essential personnel to be made use of on the engagement along with résumés of vital personnel. Indicate their degrees of specialization and prior experiences as proper for the engagement.Describe any type of solutions, various other than audits, offered by the neighborhood office especially as concerned inner controls and also EDP operations.Describe your firm’s staff training and also advance policies and also programs.

Responsiveness to (XYZ Name):

Describe actions made use of to monitor the progress of the job-related for periodic review and also communication to management of the (Your XYZ’s Name) so that troubles have the right to be reresolved.Identify crucial neighborhood engagement personnel who will certainly be consistently accessible for consultation or conversation.Describe any kind of relationships via your existing clients that might jeopardize your objectivity or self-reliance.

Responsiveness to (XYZ Name):

Estimate full fees and hours by employment classification and out-of-pocket expenses yearly for each of three years, provided the services forced as outlined in the attached letter.Estimate the “first time through” hrs, which would certainly be forced of your firm and also our staff.Estimate the “interior manage review” hours, which your firm is committed to administer to our staff.

Responsiveness to (XYZ Name):

Submit client references for each essential member of the proposed client organization team.Submit regional nonprofit client recommendations.Provide any type of various other indevelopment you deem crucial.


XYZ NameXYZ City, State

Time Tables:

Month(s) Firm is NeededAudit Planning(Fiscal Year-End Date)Year-EndMonth(s) Firm is NeededFinal Audit WorkDate/MonthCopy of Audited Financial Statements (We will certainly be responsible for printing)Date/MonthManagement LetterDate/MonthPresentation to:Audit Committee


Audited financial statements of (XYZ Name) for year finishing ________________.Management letter comments.Audit committee presentation of the outcomes of the audit and the management letter.

Other Consultation Services:

Financial, operational, and also very limited tax consultation will certainly be compelled annually on matters related to administration. These solutions are expected to be included in your base fee for solutions and are meant to call for around 20 added hours yearly from a partner or manager.

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XYZ NameXYZ City, State

Scope of Operations

(XYZ Name) was arranged and has actually been located in (Your XYZ’s City, State) given that (Date XYZ was Founded). It is a (State) nonprofit corporation.

The XYZ’s work-related is (Group or Mission) that results in (List XYZ Accomplishments).

The board is governed by ____ trustees (directors) chosen by the ____________________________. The trustees fulfill ____ times yearly. The trustees consequently elect the president (CEO).

There are approximately ______ staff members at (XYZ Location).

Total annual earnings is about $__________________. Investments will certainly vary seasonally from $_________________ - $__________________.

The XYZ derives about ____% of its earnings from voluntary contributions.

The majority of the XYZ’s earnings is offered in support of _________________. The XYZ is self insured for staff clinical and also disability coverage, and for residential or commercial property and also casualty insurance on all of its properties.

The scope of the audit is limited and does not incorporate the following: ________________________________________________________________.