Public and nonprofit management

How will you be making your impact in public business in five or ten years? It"s nearly impossible to say. The boundaries between functions and also sectors are blurring—to be efficient, you"ll need a large education and learning and also a firm understand of just how abilities and also concepts analyze in various real-human being conmessages. With"s interdisciplinary MPA-PNP courseoccupational in finance, plan, and administration, and NYC as your city laboratory, you"ll be prepared to attend to the a lot of pressing problems of our time in the many type of areas, sectors, and also policy arenas that your career will expectations.

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Program Highlights

Engaged and influential faculty members that encourage you to test the skills and also ideas you construct in the classroom against your real-world professional experiences—and vice versa.Critical analytic abilities and frameworks in management, finance, and also plan that you"ll should efficiently make an impact throughout sectors, areas, and policy arenas.A effective community whose members deserve to attach you to crucial organizations, contacts, and career avenues worldwide.The choice to pick electives by problem, and by specialization.Flexibility for full- or part-time students, with options to switch in between the 2. Earn your level in 2 years full-time, or 3-4 years part-time.

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The Advocacy and Political Action specialization prepares you to magnify your impact and also create coherent readjust in the civic engagement, political, and also advocacy arenas. 

Explore Advocacy & Political Action

The Financial Management and also Public Finance expertise prepares you for a finance career in the nonprofit, public, or exclusive sector.

Explore Finance

The Internationwide Growth Policy and also Management specialization prepares students via an interest in worldwide public service occupational to confront the difficulties of implementing complex public company policies and also programs in different international contexts.

Explore International

The expertise in Management and also Leadership provides you the breadth and also depth of abilities you"ll need to lead and also manage establishments approximately the civilization.

Explore Management & Leadership

Which policies are doing what they"re designed to perform, and also which might perform their project better? The Public Policy Analysis expertise gives you devices to make these evaluations and play a leading function in evaluating and also developing policy that better serves the public excellent.

Explore Policy

The Social Impact, Innovation, and also Investment specialization blends financial administration, impact investment, operations, and also plan to prepare you to develop entrepreneurial solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

Explore Social Innovation


Erica Gabrielle Foldy Associate Professor of Public and Nonprofit Management; Director of Public and also Nonprofit Management and Policy Program; Co-Director of Capstone Program