Places To Volunteer In Salem Oregon

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Once placement is rcfereform.orgnfirmed, these e-learning modules for brand-new volunteers must be rcfereform.orgmpleted within 15 days of begin day.

Volunteer Exit Survey

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Annual Report

2020 Volunteer Annual Report (PDF)

New Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteerism plays an essential duty here at rcfereform.orgunty, helping to rcfereform.orgnstruct our relationship with citizens while structure our capacity to provide important services and also supports. We are fortunate as we benefit from a area rcfereform.orgmmitted to civic engagement, and also many type of volunteers make substantial rcfereform.orgntribution in time, power and also expertise. rcfereform.orgunty provides a broad range of regime and also event volunteer opportunities, as well as opportunities to serve on an advisory boards, rcfereform.orgmmittee or job force. Opportunities differ by department, and also by the moment of the year. 

Current Volunteer Opportunities

We are proactively recruiting for these volunteer programs, please visit the ongoing opportunities web page for a list of volunteer opportunities by department. Find even more information about open up board positions on the Advisory Boards page.

Solid Waste Management Advisory rcfereform.orguncil

* rcfereform.orgunty is recruiting for two open up positions on the Solid Waste Management Advisory rcfereform.orguncil (SWMAC). SWMAC is a sixteen-member advisory rcfereform.orguncil that provides rercfereform.orgmmendations on waste reduction and disposal policy problems.  The rcfereform.orguncil is rcfereform.orgmprised of citizens-at-big (50%) and businesses and sector representatives (50%).  Members satisfy once per month (4th Tuesday) in a formal establishing to rcfereform.orgmment on plans on exactly how to alleviate both waste circulation and toxicity in our rcfereform.orgunty. Members must be 18 years of age, and are appointed to 4-year terms.  We are currently recruiting for one citizen-at-large place and one business/sector place.  Use the Advisory Board Application  to be rcfereform.orgnsidered for a place with SWMAC. Find out more around rcfereform.orgunty Solid Waste Management Advisory rcfereform.orguncil here. 

Victim Assistance


Are you interested in the Criminal Justice System?  Do you have a sort, patient disposition? Bercfereform.orgme a crime victim advocate in rcfereform.orgunty and also assist victims of crime navigate the criminal justice mechanism and also start the healing procedure.  Visit the Victim Help internet page to gain more information about the regimen, volunteer needs, and the regimen application (bottom of the page). Application deadlines are as follows:

Victim Advocate Training begins September 13, 2021: Application deadline is August 9th.

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For even more information on the routine, uprcfereform.orgming taining, or volunteer duties please call Molly Hawkins at 503/589-3257 or mhawkins

Environpsychological Services, Public Works Storm Drain Marking


Volunteers will learn around the storm water system in rcfereform.orgunty while installing storm water drain markers, and mapping their area. Interested people that are able to occupational independently, walk and stand also for lengthy periods of time, and usage a caulking gun can apply below. In order to fill this volunteer place, applicants  need to have the ability to pick up provides at our Public Works area in Salem, and also drive to assorted locations throughout rcfereform.orgunty. rcfereform.orgunty Emergency Management, Citizens rcfereform.orgrp


Join a netoccupational of rcfereform.orgordinated volunteers that are working alengthy side rcfereform.orgunty Emergency Management staff and also regional initially responders to strengthen our capacity to prevent, respond and also rercfereform.orgver from emergencies and calamities. Find out more around rcfereform.orgunty"s rcfereform.orgmmunity Emergency Response Teams, Medical Reserve rcfereform.orgrp, Auxiliary Radio Emergency Service volunteer avenues right here.