Phd In Nonprofit Management And Leadership Online

Change the World via a DBA in Nonprofit Leadership and also Management 

Our 100% online Doctor of Business Administration in Nonprofit Leadership and Management level will provide you the abilities you need to rise your affect in the nonprofit sector. Designed through your success in mind, our virtual nonprofit management degree uses you a versatile, academically fantastic education and learning. With advanced training in give acquisition and also business coaching, our online DBA in Nonprofit Leadership will certainly assist you take your nonprofit further.

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Why Choose University’s DBA in Nonprofit Leadership and Management Online Degree Program?

You want to change the people, and also our digital DBA in Nonprofit Leadership and also Management have the right to aid you perform that. This doctdental degree regimen will certainly build upon your master’s level, providing you a deeper knowledge of service. We look for to prepare you to follow the contact God has actually for your life, and a Doctor of Company Administration in Nonprofit Leadership and also Management will give you the tools you must create and also expand also a nonprofit organization. 

Military Tuition Discount

Lead your area with the doctoral degree you want — at a price you’ve earned.

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As a thank-you for your armed forces company, College offers current and former service members prefer you or your spouse multiple pathmethods to earn a doctdental level for only $300/credit hour. Find out exactly how you deserve to take benefit of this unique possibility and also reach the pinnacle of your profession — for less.

Among only 3% of service colleges worldwide to get ACBSP accreditation

What Will You Learn in an Online DBA in Nonprofit Leadership and also Management?

Thunstable our DBA in Nonprofit Leadership and Management, you will certainly gain extra tools and also resources to enhance your management and also procedure of an effective nonprofit organization. In this digital degree program, you will certainly learn around nonprofit management practices, strategic interaction projects, provide acquisition, and also workpressure planning and also employment. With University’s mission of Training Champions for Christ, these abilities are based upon biblical structures, so you will certainly be all set to lead with excellence and also integrity. 

Our digital DBA in Nonprofit Leadership and Management provides you the choice to take on-campus extensive courses that promote relationships through both peers and professors. These inpractical interactions are great avenues to establish individual and business networks.