Give us one year also we’ll provide you the tools to change the civilization for the much better.

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Are you a recent college graduate through a servant heart also a business Did you simply complete a Peace Corps or Teach for America placement? Most important, are you ready to make a distinction in the world?

If you answered “yes” to any of of the above inquiries, our 10-month residential Master of Nonprofit Administration regime is the level you’ve been trying to

At the finish of your 10-months via Notre Dame, you’ll not only receive a level from a university universally renowned for proceeding the higher excellent, you will certainly sign up with a legercfereform.orgary alumni network-related that have the right to help you result also even more change—no issue wright here your servant heart takes you.

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Paul D. Coverdell Peace Corps Fellowship

an award covering 25% tuition—honors those that have served in the Peace Corps that seek to obtain employment in the nonprofit sector after leaving the Corps.


Serving boldly can’t be taught. A business can.

You have actually an significant gift: a desire to make the human being a better location. The Master of Nonprofit Administration at Notre Dame can give you the skills to leverage that gift to achieve the maximum amount of good—in the most efficient means feasible.


Nationally Recognized Faculty

Discover from nationally well-known faculty with the perennially ranked College of Firm.



Participate in a practicum, combining real-human being ercfereform.orgure with a credit-earning course, helping to develop a strategic nonprofit setup or take a management function in a nonprofit job.


Close-Knit Cohort

Be an integral part of a close-knit cohort of student colleagues, passionate making the human being a much better area. You will certainly develop life-long friercfereform.orgships also begin to construct skilled networks.