This graduate certificate provides an extensive overview of nonprofit management via an in-depth research of both concept and also practice, preparing students to excel in the nonprofit sector.

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Nonrevenues today simply call for a greater level of administration field of expertise, and also nonprofit supervisors are compelled to manage people and also programs more effectively and properly. The Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management concentrates on arising a variety of skills in business management, financial administration, fundincreasing, provide and report creating, humale sources management, and also governance.

The regime integrates theoretical viewpoints via useful application, preparing students for positions in either small or huge nonprofit organizations. The regimen targets individuals that job-related in the nonprofit sector as executive directors, supervisors, program staff, board members, and volunteers. Students participate in case research studies, individual and group tasks, and also course discussions.

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Boston area on flagship campus, a city recognized as a center of innovative nonprofit leadersCourses from this certificate can be used to"s MS in Organizational Leadership and MS in Nonprofit ManagementDesigned to aid students construct and also enhance useful and also pertinent administration abilities such as provide and report writingProgram designed for an interenergetic student experiencethrough group tasks and discussion
Career Outlook

Hiring in nonprofit establishments is on the upswing. In reality, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the nonprofit sector ranks third in the U.S. in overall employment, with more than 12.3m employees.

The fastest-growing jobs are in:

Direct servicesFundraisingProgram managementProgram support

A sample of wbelow our current graduates are working:

YMCABoston Children’s MuseumMuseum of Fine Arts, BostonHorizons for Homeless ChildrenOxfam AmericaMarymount Manhattan College Prison Program

Experiential / Co-op opportunities"s signature experience-powered learning version has actually gone to the heart of the university for even more than a century. It combines world-class academics with professional practice, allowing you to get pertinent, real-people abilities you have the right to instantly put into action in your current workarea.


This provides a education and learning a dynamic, transformative experience, giving you many avenues to thrive as a professional and also person.

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General Requirements

NPM 6110 - Legal and Governance Issues in Nonprofit Organizations3.00
NPM 6120 - Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations3.00
NPM 6125 - Promoting Nonprofit Organizations3.00
NPM 6130 - Fundelevating and also Advancement for Nonprofit Organizations3.00
NPM 6140 - Grant and also Report Writing3.00
NPM 6150 - Person Resources Management in Nonprofit Organizations3.00

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You recognize wbelow you are headed and also you"ve viewed just how our program will certainly lead you tright here. So let"s gain going. Here"s what you have to recognize prior to you enroll.

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Application Requirements

Online applicationStatement of objective (500–1000 words): identifies your educational purposes and expectations from the program; please be aware that the university"s scholastic policy on plagiarism uses to your statement of purposeProfessional resuméUnofficial undergraduate transcripts; official transcripts compelled at the time of admissionEnglish language proficiency proof: Students for whom English is not their primary language should submit among the following:Official associate or bachelor"s level transcript from an accredited college or university in the UNITED STATE, stating level conferral and also dateTOEFL, IELTS, PTE, Duolingo,or NU Global Exam scores

Internationwide Requirements

Are You an Internationwide Student? Find out what additional files are compelled to use.

Global Engagement Learn how our teaching and research study benefit from a worldwide netjob-related of students, faculty, and sector partners.

Financing Requirements

Finance Your Education We offer a variety of resources, including scholarships and also assistantships.

How to Apply Learn even more about the application process and needs.

Cost and Tuition



Estimated Total Tuition

This is an estimate based upon the tuition rates for Academic Year 2020-2021 and also does not encompass any type of fees or various other costs. Some courses and labs have actually tuition prices that might increase or decrease total tuition. Tuition and fees are subject to revision by the president and Board of Trustees at any type of time. For even more comprehensive information, please visit Student Financial Services.

Application Deadlines

Our admissions process operates on a rolling basis;but, we carry out recommend following the application guidelines below to ensure you can start during your wanted start term.

Spring 2021

Recommfinished Adobjectives Deadline:
Internationwide out-of-nation application finish (begin date: April 12, 2021)February 8, 2021Internationwide in-country application finish (begin date: April 12, 2021)March 8, 2021Domestic application complete (initially fifty percent start: April 12, 2021)April 2, 2021Domestic application finish (second half start: May 24, 2021)May 14, 2021

Summer 2021

Recommfinished Adgoals Deadline:
Internationwide out-of-country application finish (start date: July 12, 2021)May 10, 2021Internationwide in-country application complete (begin date: July 12, 2021)June 14, 2021Domestic application complete (first half start: July 12, 2021)June 28, 2021Domestic application complete (second half start: August 9, 2021)July 26, 2021

Fall 2021

Recommended Adgoals Deadline:
Internationwide out-of-nation application complete (begin date: September 20, 2021)July 19, 2021Internationwide in-nation application finish (begin date: September 20, 2021)August 23, 2021Domestic application finish (first fifty percent start: September 20, 2021) September 7, 2021Domestic application finish (second half start: November 1, 2021)October 18, 2021

Winter 2022

Recommended Admissions Deadline
International out-of-nation application complete (begin date: January 10, 2022)November 8, 2021International in-nation application finish (begin date: January 10, 2022)December 13, 2021Domestic application complete (first fifty percent start: January 10, 2022)December 20, 2021Domestic application finish (second half start: February 22, 2022)February 8, 2022

Spring 2022

Recommfinished Admissions Deadline
Internationwide out-of-country application finish (start date: April 11, 2022)February 7, 2022International in-nation application finish (start date: April 11, 2022)March 14, 2022Domestic application finish (first fifty percent start: April 11, 2022)March 28, 2022Domestic application complete (second half start: May 23, 2022)May 9, 2022

Summer 2022

Recommended Adobjectives Deadline
International out-of-nation application finish (begin date: July 11, 2022)May 9, 2022Internationwide in-country application complete (begin date: July 11, 2022)June 13, 2022Domestic application complete (initially half start: July 11, 2022)June 27, 2022Domestic application complete (second half start: August 8, 2022)July 25, 2022

Student Body Profile

Below is a look at wbelow our Management alumni job-related, the positions they organize, and also the abilities they lug to their company.

Wbelow They WorkState StreetFidelity InvestmentsDell EMCIBMLiberty Mutual InsuranceWhat They DoFirm DevelopmentSalesOperationsFinanceEntrepreneurshipWhat They"re Skilled AtManagementLeadershipCustomer ServiceMicrosoft OfficeProject Management