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Nonprofit mail eligibility

Nonprofit classification offers an extensive postage discount to qualified mailings. However, nonprofit mail is subject to more limitations than continual mail. Among other points, it might not contain heralding or mention of a promotion for take a trip, insurance, or crmodify cards. The information below have the right to help you determine whether your mailing qualifies for the nonprofit classification. If you require better assistance, please feel totally free to call Mailing Services.

The 3 types of restrictions affecting the eligibility of mail for nonprofit classification are cooperative mailings; travel, insurance, or financial setup announcements; and advertisements for commodities and also solutions.

1. Cooperative mailings

An authorized nonprofit mailer have to not usage the nonprofit rate to sfinish issue for unauthorized mailers or rent, delegate, or lfinish its authorization to any other person or company. This applies to any plan wbelow a noneligible party wants to perform a joint mailing through an eligible company, wbelow rcfereform.orgth of the parties might share in the expense, threat, or advantage of the mailing.

Nonprofit mailers cannot allow another party to sfinish information in the Nonprofit Standard Mail envelope unmuch less the other party is another qualified nonprofit mailer via a nonprofit authorization to mail at the exact same postal facility. This can be achieved by filing a USPS Form 3623, if crucial.

2. Announcements for travel, insurance, or financial arrangements

A 1991 regulation designed to mitigate the commercial use of the nonprofit postal price put eligibility limitations on these kinds of Nonprofit Standard Mail. Here’s a brief overcheck out of each component.

Travel Travel heralding or promotional material for take a trip arrangements are ineligible unmuch less the following 3 conditions are met:
The mailing company have to be authorized to mail at preferred rates. The take a trip setup is designed for and also primarily advocated to the members, donors, supporters, or beneficiaries of the organization. The travel is significantly regarded one or more of the primary purposes of the organization.
Normally, the Postal Service does not consider an announcement as a take a trip plan unmuch less - whether implied or proclaimed - accommodations, transportation, and a location are had.

Insurance Insurance advertising or promotional material for insurance policies are ineligible unmuch less the following three problems are met:
The mailing organization must be authorized to mail at preferred prices. The policy is designed for and generally supported to the members, donors, supporters, or beneficiaries of the organization. The policy is not mainly otherwise commercially obtainable.

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Financial arrangements If the mail item has any advertisements for crmodify cards, charge cards, delittle bit cards, or comparable financial instruments or accounts, it is ineligible for nonprofit status. However before, some nonprofit mailings that list membership benefits might be eligible. An exemption allows mailers to announce the availcapability of items otherwise prohibited by these rules. Specifically, a mailing may list member benefits via a solution card or phone number, gave that declaring, promotional, or application material for the product or organization is not had. For instance, “Members of the XYZ Association are eligible for life, health and wellness, and also auto insurance; contact for more information.”

Tip: Don’t usage adjectives as soon as describing member benefits. The USPS clintends adjectives constitute proclaiming.

3. Advertisements for assets and also services

Substantially related - The significantly connected eligibility criteria are more complicated to grasp. One simple ascendancy of thumb applies, though: If any of the items advertised in your mail item are subject to unconnected service revenue taxes, the item is not significantly connected. However, the oppowebsite isn’t necessarily true. Freedom from paying the taxes does not necessarily mean that your mail meets the considerably related test. And, there are exceptions to the considerably connected test as well. The adhering to tips might aid your mailing qualify:
When possible, try to secure an IRS judgment on any type of commodities advertised in your mailings. If the IRS certifies that the items advertised are concerned the primary mission of your company, the USPS will accept that determicountry. If the item causes you to raise concerns around its eligibility, be assured it will certainly ultimately bring concerns from the USPS. If you have an in-house attorney through taxes experience, run your proposed mail piece by him or her. You can additionally display it to a USPS classification specialist. If declaring a product via educational value to recipients, be certain to emphadimension why the product is connected to the major purpose of the company. An advertisement for a T-shirt that addresses the workmanship of the shirt and also not the prominence of the educational message printed on the shirt is rcfereform.orgund to be rejected.


If a premium readily available to contributors is dramatically related to the main objective of the company, the mailer might announce its availcapability in a Nonprofit Standard mail piece. If it is not considerably associated - a tote bag or coffee mug, for instance - then it should pass two tests:
The funds requested must be even more than four times the item’s cost to the organization. If the tote bag expense $5.00, it may be offered only in exchange for a docountry or dues of $20.01 or even more. However, a dedetailed item can be offered for any level of donation or dues unmuch less a represented value is listed. If the worth of an object is provided, it is thought arcfereform.orgut a represented value, and the organization must ask for more than twice the stood for worth. In other words, “this watch worth $19.99” should be attached to a research for at least $39.99 in assistance. If the mail piece does not contain a stood for value, then just the expense test will certainly be used. If, yet, the mail piece does contain a represented value, then it is subject to meeting rcfereform.orgth tests - even more than twice the stood for value and also more than 4 times the cost.
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