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Federal Government

IT Classification

B - Readily funds innovation as component of an award


Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)


The NSGP provides funding support for taracquire hardening and other physical protection renovations to nonprofit organizations that are at high threat of a terrorist assault. The routine looks for to combine the preparedness tasks of nonprofit organizations through bigger state and regional preparedness efforts. The NSGP additionally serves to promote emergency preparedness coordicountry and participation activities between public and exclusive community representatives and also state and also regional federal government agencies. 

The objective of the FY 2021 NSGP is to administer resources for physical defense enhancements and also various other security-connected activities to nonprofit institutions that are at high danger of a terrorist assault. The NSGP likewise seeks to integrate the preparedness activities of nonprofit organizations with bigger state and also local preparedness efforts.

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Given the evolving hazard landscape, it is incumbent upon DHS/FEMA to repetitively evaluate the nationwide threat profile and set priorities that assist encertain proper alarea of scarce defense dollars. In assessing the nationwide threat profile for FY 2021, one location attracts the the majority of concern:

Enhancing the security of soft targets/crowded areas.

Likewise, there are several enduring protection demands that crosscut the homeland security enterpclimb. The following are second-tier priorities that aid recipients implement an extensive strategy to securing communities:

Effective planning; Training and also awareness campaigns; and Exercises

Allowable NSGP expenses include: 

PlanningConstruction and Renovation TrainingExercisesMaintenance and Sustainment Management and also Administration (M&A) fees - Costs directly relating to the administration and also administration of IBSGP funds, such as financial administration and surveillance. M&A costs might not exceed five percent (5%) of the total approve award.

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History of Funding

The FY20 allocation for the Nonprofit Security Grant Program was $90,000,000.

Further Information

Funds might not be supplied for:

Planning, organization, exercise, operational overtime, and also take a trip costsHiring of Public Safety PersonnelGeneral-use ExpendituresOvertime and BackfillInitiatives that do not address the implementation of programs/efforts to construct prevention and also protection-focused capabilities directed at determined facilities and/or the bordering communitiesInitiatives which study technology developmentProof-of-principle initiativesInitiatives that duplicate capabilities being provided by the Federal GovernmentOrganizational operating expenses

Effective August 13, 2020, FEMA recipients and subrecipients may not usage any FEMA funds under open up or new awards to:

Procure or achieve any equipment, device, or service that uses extended telecommunications devices or services as a considerable or vital component of any system, or as critical modern technology of any kind of system;Go into right into, extfinish, or renew a contract to procure or achieve any type of equipment, system, or service that uses extended teleinteractions devices or solutions as an extensive or necessary component of any mechanism, or as important modern technology of any kind of system; or

Eligibility Details

Awards are made to State Administrative Agencies (SAAs). The SAA have to pass via 100% of NSGP alareas to eligible nonprofit organizations. Eligible nonprofit institutions have to be: (1) Designated as a 501(c)3 agency; and also (2) Determined to be at high hazard of a terrorist attack by the Secretary of DHS. Applicants to NSGP-UA must also be located within among the FY2021 UASI-designated Urban Areas.

Deadline Details

SAA"s are to apply to FEMA on behalf of state and also local agencies by May 14, 2021. Local deadlines differ based upon state administration.

Award Details

Up to $180,000,000 is accessible in total resources for FY2021. Of that amount, funding will certainly be separation across two applicant groups:

Cost sharing/matching is not compelled. Project durations will certainly extend up to 36-months, founding September 1, 2021.

NOTE: Nonprofit organizations may not use to FEMA directly. Nonprofit establishments should apply for FY 2021 NSGP with their SAA. A list of SAA points of call is easily accessible at