Nonprofit Roundtable Of Greater Washington

On Wednesday June 2fourth, the Nonprofit Roundtable of Greater Washington hosted its Annual Meeting, consisting of a cross-sector dialogue about the state of the region, at George Machild University’s Arlington campus.’s CEO, Monisha Kapila, was chosen to the Roundtable’s Board of Directors, and also our team had actually the opportunity to assistance and also participate in the event.

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Over 80 nonprofit and various other neighborhood leaders attfinished the meeting, which featured a formal business meeting, panel discussion, and participant discussions.

Roundtable Board Members mutual an upday on the organization’s occupational over the past year, including responding to current obstacles, and also proposing a refined vision for the organization, to serve as a public voice for the nonprofit community.

The panel featured market leaders to comment on the current state of the region, challenges, and also avenues. Moderated by Alan Abramkid, Professor and Director of Mason’s Center for Nonprofit Management, Policy, and also Philanthropy, and also a Roundtable Board member, the panelists included:


Nonprofit Roundtable Cross Sector Panel

The panel’s robust conversation had comments on challenges dealing with our region roughly the economic situation, education, health care, public safety, sanctuary, setting, framework, and also regional cooperation. The speakers highlighted worries such as poverty, real estate affordcapacity, and also racial disparities. They also analyzed transforms in neighborhood demographics, advancements in miscellaneous areas such as cyber and hospitality, and also our existing infrastructure, with a focus on Metro.

Some vital themes from the panel:


The Federal government has gotten in a time of restraint, which will certainly have a significant influence on the nonprofit sector.The business community is via the many challenging times since 2008.The financial driver of the region will no much longer solely be the federal federal government, startups are important for expansion.The Greater Washington region is still thought about among the the majority of secure economies in the U.S.


Our region is not taking benefit of the expansion methods, for instance, cyber carriers can’t discover enough civilization for their work, and there are a shortage of welders. We are not set up to assist civilization take advantage of avenues.Many kind of of the flourishing jobs are in company and also hospitality sectors, which carry out not offer benefits to employees.

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Local Government

Some regional jurisdictions are studying taxation rises to control expenses.Even Arlington, which has traditionally incredibly high tenancy, is enduring greater vacancy prices in commercial structures than ever before prior to, which will influence taxes base.Changing demographics will create brand-new strain on federal government resources to meet varied demands – for example, largest boost in Arlington population is human being over age 60 and under age 5.


A number of funders have actually exited the region or are changing their emphasis, consisting of Fannie Mae Foundation, Freddie Mac Foundation, Marpat Foundation, and also ExxonMobil Foundation. Some new funders have actually arrived, consisting of Lever before Fund and also Tiger Woods Foundation.Younger philanthropists have actually a various strategy to offering, which is regularly not as irreversible.


Income disparities are flourishing at an alarming price.Tbelow is a major interarea in between poverty and also race that has actually ramifications for our work in the nonprofit sector.By 2060, tbelow will certainly be 2 workers for eincredibly social protection beneficiary, and also among those workers will be a perboy of color.Housing affordcapability is a major issue and will proceed to be critical for clients that nonprofits serve.

The panelists likewise questioned potential opportunities to address local concerns, including:

Get even more world trained and employed in the positions that need to be filled.Collaboprice across the region for economic development.Respecify cooperation, and recognize opportunities for more public/private partnershipsBe explicit in mentioning the racial divide in poverty.Nonrevenues require a stronger voice and boosted advocacy around important local worries.

Some memorable quotes:

Jim Dinegar on just how we are not helping world take benefit of task opportunities: “They say that a climbing tide raises all watercrafts, but many human being don’t have boats.”

Pat Mathews on collaboration: “Change happens at the rate of trust.”

George Jones on addressing race and also privilege within nonprofits: “You can perform well and right if you are intentional about it.”


My takeaway from this occasion is that tright here are significant challenges we challenge as a society, and these are also facility for the nonprofit sector to take care of on its own. The panel urged teamwork and inclusion of organizations from multiple sectors towards fixing these problems. It was likewise clear that the nonprofit sector have the right to do even more to work-related together, advocate, and also build bridges. Hopecompletely this is a role that the Nonprofit Roundtable deserve to proceed to play for the region.