Nonprofit Program Coordinator Salary

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Program coordinators in the United States make an average salary of $44,587 per year or $21.44 per hour. In regards to salary array, an entry level regimen coordinator salary is around $31,000 a year, while the top 10% renders $62,000. If you choose complying with the crowd, non profits and also education and learning service providers tend to attract the a lot of workers in this area. But if you"re in it for the money, then you"ll want to look for out health care, hospitality, and federal government providers, as employees in each sector have reported the greatest salaries. As many points go, location can be critical. Hawaii, The golden state, Oregon, Washington, and also Alaska carry out the highest possible program coordinator salaries.



Average Program Coordinator Salary By State

The darker areas on the map display wbelow routine coordinators earn the highest salaries throughout all 50 says.

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Typical Program Coordinator Salary Over Time

Compare salaries for individual cities or says through the nationwide average.

The salary for a routine coordinator deserve to vary depending on what industry the project is in. The highest salaries for regimen coordinators tend to be discovered in health treatment, hospitality, and also federal government carriers. In reality, routine coordinators deserve to make a yat an early stage salary of $48,561 while working for wellness treatment service providers.
The area business coordinator is someone that functions via a area for its betterment. The area business coordinator brings all welfare solutions to the area and also connects world who need welfare to get benefits. The area organization coordinator is also tasked to collect documents of civilization in require of welfare and also other solutions. It is likewise essential for this perboy to have interpersonal skills to talk via world and also educate them of all the benefits and services they have the right to obtain.
A residence coordinator is responsible for supporting and providing the demands of the inhabitants, consisting of move-in measures and processing of records for residency. Residence coordinators connect through organizations and also community workplaces for housing tasks and residential or commercial property lease, identifying locations according to clients" requirements and also budacquire limitations. They additionally examine the units, ensure the stcapability and security of the foundation, and also furnish areas that need renovations and repairs. A residence coordinator should have terrific communication and organizational abilities, especially in explaining leasing agreements and accommodations through the clients.

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A family services coordinator maintains quantitative quality and qualitative top quality monitoring units and also innovation devices for the routine tactics to get executed with top quality, fidelity, and relicapability. They coach and market supervisory guidance solutions to the family company team to keep the staff capacity durable and relocate the staff members towards mastering the core competencies. Other duties perdeveloped by family services coordinators include supporting fragile households, promoting household self-sufficiency, and also supporting families whose youngsters have handicap and chronic health conditions.
A residential coordinator oversees the daily operations of nursing dwellings, ensuring patients obtain to get optimal treatment and also business. Their duties incorporate setting objectives and also guidelines, coordinating staff, liaising via external parties such as merchants and carriers, arranging tasks and also programs, creating timelines, and occurring strategies to optimize operations. They should additionally prepare and also procedure paperwork-related, hire and also train new members of the workpressure, and solve worries should any kind of aincrease. Furthermore, aside from nursing dwellings, a residential coordinator may also occupational at other facilities and markets such as residential apartments and also also personal locations.
A volunteer coordinator is a skilled that is in charge of recruiting and regulating volunteers to assist convey the organization"s purpose to the general public. Volunteer coordinators should use marketing devices such as outreach programs and emails to entice brand-new customers and keep relationships through existing customers. They store schedules and records of the volunteers" work and also also conduct continual training. The minimum educational requirement of a volunteer coordinator is to achieve an Associate"s degree.
Resource Coordinators overwatch the demands of the programs or projects of the company. They may control resources such as funds, in-sort donations, volunteers, or employees. They ensure that budgain is correctly allocated and administered. They prepare reports and also analyze the utilization of funds. Resource coordinators likewise handle in-type donations, specifically for charitable tasks. They coordinate the receipt of products and also the release of such. Resource coordinators also take care of volunteers and employees for the projects. They regulate the deployment of people and also ensure that manpower is appropriately alsituated to various tasks.
The salary for a regime coordinator can vary depending upon the years of endure that a person has, from enattempt level to senior level. Documents on exactly how suffer level affects total compensation is gave by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) as part of their National Compensation Survey, which is based on determinants such as expertise, complexity, contacts, and also environment.