Nonprofit postage rates 2017

January 22, 2017 USPS Rate Change

On January 2second the USPS pophase rates will certainly be transforming. While the price of a stamp is increasing from 47 cents to 49 cents, the transforms will also lead to some pophase reductions. Below is a high level summary of the changes that will certainly be made.

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More indevelopment have the right to be uncovered on the USPS 2017 Rate Change Fact Sheet

Full Rate First Class Postage: The price of a stamp will certainly rise however the price to meter at first course full rates will decrease

· First course stamps have actually rise by 2 cents to $0.49 per piece

· First course flats (large envelopes) have actually raised by 4 cents to $0.98 or 2 first class letter stamps

· First class metered mail has decrease by fifty percent a penny to $0.46



Presorted First Class: Rates will certainly be extremely similar yet the brand-new prices enable you to mail heavier pieces at reduced costs

· Presorted First class letter size pieces can currently mail at the very same price for pieces that weigh 3.5oz or less



Presorted Standard Mail has actually been rebranded to USPS Marketing Mail, however the restrictions on the kind of mail that can be sent out under this course and also all demands remajor the same

· On average prices will decrease by less than 1, although some pretype prices are boosting and DDU, SCF, and NDC discounts are decreasing.

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Non Profit: Non Profit letter prices have actually reduced by around $0.01 while non profit flat pophase has actually increased by about $0.005

Packages: USPS packeras prices will certainly increase on average by 2.5-4%

· Rates for Parcel Select, First Class Packeras, USPS Retail Ground, and also Priority Mail will certainly all increase

To take advantage of these new rates we would recommfinish converting big initially class pieces like 9x12 envelopes and also 8.5x11 booklets to smaller sized heavier pieces (ex. 6x9 envelopes and 8.5x5.5 booklets), metering complete price initially class mail rather of using a stamp, and stocking up on forever before stamps prior to January 22.


For even more in-depth information on these price alters please call us at (760) 480-2323.

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