Nonprofit Operations Manual Template

Today we tried to have a Nonprofit Ops brown bag lunch around creating an Nonprofit Operations Manual yet no one confirmed up.

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I"m not sure if it is bereason this isn"t an interesting topic or my negative declaring. Oh well--I did have quite a couple of world e-mail me and tell me they couldn"t make it to the discussion and asked me to sfinish them an Operations Manual design template.

I was hoping to discover other nonprofit Operations Manuals digital or step-by-step guides yet only discovered a few resources that relate a small bit to producing a nonprofit Operations Manual. So I determined to develop my very own Nonprofit Operations Manual layout. I took out all the particular organizational indevelopment in Aspiration"s Operations Manual and also developed a generic Operations Manual layout. Our Operations Manual is composed of 2 sections:

A. Key Organizational Information

This area papers the most important organization indevelopment.

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Bank InformationNonprofit Incorporation InformationVendor InformationHuman being Resources InformationRecurring Operational TasksWeeklyMonthlyQuarterlyAnnually

B. Operations Procedure Manual

This section provides step-by-action instructions for key operations actions.

Security Culture/ProcedureListserv and also Blog testing procedureFile Saving (Electronic) ProcedureBack Up ProcedureReimbursement ProcedureAccounting ProceduresInvoice production procedureProcedure for interactions with outside worldNew Hire ProcedureProcedure for new board memberEmergency/Evacuation ProcedureFundelevating Filing ProcedureHuman Resource/Personnel Filing ProcedureEvents Procedures

Here are my disclaimers.

1. An operations hand-operated is always a job-related in progress. So we are constantly developing, editing and enhancing, and also including brand-new steps and also plans for exactly how we run our company.

2. I carry out not claim to be an professional in developing an Operations Manual. I learn as I go and also it would be good to learn around what other institutions are doing. Please share around your operations manual. What particular sections execute you have?