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Publication day 2001 Topics Nonprofit organizations Publisher New York, NY : Hungry Minds Collection inlibrary; printdisabled; internetrcfereform.orgbooks; china Digitizing sponsor Kahle/Austin Foundation Contributor Internet Language English

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Includes bibliographical recommendations and indexSystem requirements for accompanying computer system disc: A COMPUTER through a Pentium or faster processor; or a Mac OS computer system through a 68040 or much faster processor; Microsoft Windows 95 or later; or Mac OS mechanism software 7.6.1 or later; Some documents require Microsoft Excel 97 or higher; At leastern 32MB of complete RAM set up on your computer; for finest performance, we recommend at leastern 64MB: A CD-ROM drive; a sound card for PCs; Mac OS computer systems have built-in sound support; A monitor capable of displaying at least 256 colors or grayscale; A modem through a speed of at leastern 14,400 bpsOffers advice on beginning and running a nonprofit company, consisting of tips on recruiting paid and also volunteer staff, elevating money, and writing taxes reportsReview. PART I: Getting Started through Nonrevenues. Chapter 1: Tuning In to the World of Nonprofit Organizations. Chapter 2: Deciding to Start a Nonprofit. Chapter 3: Writing Your Mission Statement. Chapter 4: Incorporating and Applying for Tax Exemption. Chapter 5: Safeguarding Your Nonprofit Status. PART II: Managing a Nonprofit Organization. Chapter 6: Building Your Board of Directors. Chapter 7: Getting the Work Done through Passist Staff. Chapter 8: Getting the Work Done through Volunteers. Chapter 9: Planning: Why and How Nonprofits Make Plans. Chapter 10: Showing the Money: Budgets and also Financial Reports. Chapter 11: Creating a Home for Your Nonprofit and also Insuring It. Chapter 12: Finding Outside Help When You Need It. PART III: Raising Money and also Visibility. Chapter 13: Crafting a Fundraising Plan. Chapter 14: Raising Money from Individuals. Chapter 15: Making the Many of Special Events. Chapter 16: Finding the Grant-Givers. Chapter 17: Writing a Grant Proposal. Chapter 18: Capital Campaigns: Finding Funds to Create a Home Base. Chapter 19: Marketing: Spreading the Word around Your Good Work. PART IV: The Part of Tens. Chapter 20: Ten Myths about Nonprofit Organizations. Chapter 21: Ten Tips for Raising Money. PART V: Appendixes. Appendix A: Nonprofit Resources. Appendix B: Glossary of Nonprofit Terms. Appendix C: About the CD. Index. Hungry Minds End-User License Commitment. Installation Instructions
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