Nonprofit Direct Mail Response Rates

A recent tweet from fundraiser Denise Casement said: ‘Eextremely Direct Mail project we’ve done since March (ideal thru to yesterday) has been acquiring Christmas level outcomes.”


As of April 17th, the campaign has raised $23,039 and also counting (there are still cheques coming in with the mail for it). One donor referred to as in and also asked, ‘What else do you require money for?’, and made a gift of CA$5,000 to carry out digital finding out programmes for woguys citizens.

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Another good factor for mailing your direct mail piece currently is bereason remember your donors love you and desire to know just how you’re doing. What’s even more, they desire to assist. We are all, every last among us, impacted by COVID-19 and you should continue to fundraise.

As fundincreasing Guru Ken Burnett recently suggested: ‘At times of crisis, revolve to your donors.’ It’s a well-worn truism of our sector and also I’ve always discovered it infallible.

He is not alone, tright here is many chatter on LinkedIn from many type of experienced consultants wondering why non-profits are not taking advantage at this time to sfinish out their appeals. For instance, non-profit consultant Claire Kerr detailed the absence of interactions too in this LinkedIn post.

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Two Huge Benefits of Direct Mail

First, it has been scientifically prstove that the brain retains indevelopment gathered from paper for a lot longer than it does from digital messaging. In other words, people trust paper, particularly the bulk of your donors that are in the older age team variety who still like to check out.

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2nd, you deserve to almost mail anything and also usage it to connect donors by making it interenergetic. This tactile nature of direct mail that is natural only in this tool is a huge plus in telling stories and also increasing funds for non-revenues.

Therefore present Covid-19 crisis and encouraged by media horror stories, the reaction of many type of charities has actually been to instantly cut interactions and also furlough their fundraisers. We hope that this short article will certainly make them think aget. For clearly, they, their donors and their beneficiaries are missing out, because of their faiattract to understand also exactly how fundincreasing works at a time of crisis. 

Remember, that the US postal service or Canada Message never really closed in the time of this pandemic. They are considered a crucial company.

I are afraid that too many kind of nonearnings have actually little bit or no understanding of direct mail and also therefore prevent it. Instead they as well quickly default to digital, regularly in the mistaken idea that it’s “free” or inexpensive. Wrong.

If you need aid, tbelow are enough excellent freelance writers and also designers still out there who could help and also they are not that expensive.