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Running a nonprofit company deserve to be a ton of occupational, and also occasionally you don’t have actually the resources internally to take care of every little thing on your very own. Luckily, nonprofit consulting firms exist for this exceptionally factor.

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By outsourcing components of your strategy to outside experts, you deserve to reap the benefits of decades of experience via all sorts of objectives and ensure your company opeprices in the most effective way feasible.

Here at, we understand the power and the importance of having actually the ideal nonprofit consultants on your side. We’ve produced this in-depth guide to help you choose the best firm. We’ll cover the following:

Before we dive right into our list of favorite nonprofit consultants, we’ll explore these frequently asked concerns about the prestige of consulting firms and also just how to select the best one to job-related alongside your team. Let’s gain started!

What Is a Nonprofit Consulting Firm?

A nonprofit consulting firm is a company created of professionals in various elements of the nonprofit sector. These people job-related via institutions of all shapes, sizes, and also missions to enhance the organization’s as a whole performance in a number of methods.

Consulting firms typically market specialized services in a certain area of nonprofit operations prefer fundincreasing, digital marketing, prospect study, and even more.

Why Should I Hire a Nonprofit Consulting Firm?

Especially for smaller nonprofits, you’re not most likely to have actually professionals in eincredibly area on your in-home team. While you can have a fundincreasing coordinator who has some suffer running smaller-range fundraisers for your company, possibly they’ve never before organized a funding campaign. Instead of hiring a brand new staff member to run your funding project, you deserve to make use of a fundincreasing consulting firm’s solutions to lead the charge and maximize your success.

The very same goes for various other projects your nonprofit can take on, including structure a technical facilities, launching a comprehensive marketing initiative, or assembling a powerful management team.

What Should I Look For in a Nonprofit Consultant?

What you must look for in a nonprofit consulting firm relies straight on what your team is trying to achieve. If you’re looking to organize a multi-year capacity-building campaign, for instance, you’ll want to look for a consultant through specialization in that area. If you’re looking to implement a substantial software application solution, on the other hand, a tech-based consultant will certainly be ideal.

Regardless of your particular niche, you’ll likewise desire to look at things like expenses and pricing frameworks and the consultant’s availcapability. Finally, be sure to repursuit work samples, referrals, and situation research studies so you have the right to get a far better feel for the type of outcomes you deserve to expect.

Best Nonprofit Consulting Firms to Consider

Now you understand also the importance of consulting firms and what you need to focus on once picking a partner—but tbelow are still so many to select from! We recognize this choice deserve to be overwhelming, so we’ve narrowed the options dvery own to 26 of our favorite firms that your nonprofit can count on for high quality consulting solutions.


1. BWF

BWF is a fundincreasing consulting firm via almost four decades of endure in the nonprofit fundraising room. This team prides themselves on their capacity to empower philanthropic initiatives global many thanks to their flourishing team of nonprofit consultants and partners.

Their solutions include:

Strategic planning counselDocuments scienceDonor relations and also stewardshipPossibility developmentMultichannel communications

For more information on their offerings and also how you have the right to gain began, reach out to this Minneapolis-based consulting firm today.





3. Contributor Advancement Partnership

Contributor Advancement Partnership, or CDP, is a nonprofit consulting firm dedicated to unleashing the power of collaborative fundraising for publicly funded media groups favor nationwide and local radio. CDP was initially started as an initiative within a Massachusetts public radio terminal but has given that grvery own into an independent corporation on its very own.

Their solutions include:

Customer relationship managementDonor insight and engagementScaling major donor relationshipsStrategic donor acquisition

CDP’s mission is to sustain a growing public media mechanism by supporting neighborhood radio stations in optimizing their fundincreasing and also advance efforts. Over the past decade, this team has increased the success of more than 240 member stations throughout their netoccupational.

4. Frost on Fundraising

Jay Frost of Frost on Fundincreasing has operated as a nonprofit fundraising consultant for three years and also has since been known as a leading voice in the nonprofit sector. This Virginia-based consultant has actually also been featured on the Masterminds Series!

Their services include:

Speaking and also training engagementsStrategic fundraising and also project counselFeasibility researches and also breakthrough audits

Whether you’re looking to book Frost as a speaker at an upcoming board retreat or seek his guidance for your following funding project, this fundelevating consultant will be happy to help.

5. Campbell & Company

Campbell & Company kind of is a fundelevating consulting and also nonprofit executive search firm through offices in Chicback, Los Angeles, Portland also, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. This team of 60 dedicated consultants has actually offered mission-based organizations for more than 43 years.

Their solutions include:

FundraisingExecutive searchCommunicationsStrategic information services

They also have actually their very own CRM system called Beam Insights to assist you collect, store, and regulate your fundelevating data. Then, via aid from their nonprofit consultants and also analytics professionals, you deserve to draw invaluable insights and enhance your strategy from tbelow.

6. Brian Lacy and also Associates

Brian Lacy and also Associates is a nonprofit consulting firm that specializes in wide range screening and data cleansing services. This team has helped more than 400 nonearnings across The United States and Canada raise a collective $1 billion in revenue in the direction of philanthropic missions.

Their services include:

Annual giving audits and also consultingCampaign feasibility and also readiness studiesCampaign administration and also staffingStrategic marketing and communicationFile solutions and prospect identification

This consulting team has been functioning in the nonprofit sector because 2002 to develop sustainable fundelevating devices for their clients. Plus, Lacy himself has presented at a variety of conferences in the U.S. and Canada consisting of the Council for Growth and Support of Education, the Association of Fundincreasing Professionals, and also Apra.

7. Schultz & Williams

For even more than thirty years, Schultz & Williams has actually sustained nonearnings in a variety of verticals consisting of healthtreatment, education, conservation, global relief, pet welfare, social justice, and also culture. With over 65 nonprofit consults within their network-related of field professionals, they’re certain to be a partner you deserve to trust.

Their services include:

Strategic planning and developmentDirect response and digital project planningShort-term staffing solutionsPowerful information analytics

These nonprofit consultants firmly think in the power of building results with relationships and pride themselves on their ability to craft distinct services to proproactively attend to a large array of instances.

8. Marts & Lundy

Marts & Lundy is one of the oldest existing nonprofit consulting firms, established in 1926, and their comprehensive background and also experience is what continues to drive their success now. This firm serves nonearnings all over the civilization via workplaces in the USA, UK, Canada, and also Australia.

Their solutions include:

Campaign planning and consultingAnalytical solutionsStrategic communicationsTalent advancement and interim leadership

These nonprofit consultants boast their prcooktop track record, constant development, and tailored solutions for irreversible success as crucial aspects that collection them apart from other firms.

9. Development Resources

Development Reresources is a research-based experienced education and learning firm based out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, that serves philanthropic sectors in the United States, Canada, UK, and Australia. Since its inception in 1992, this consulting firm has worked with all sorts of organizations—including for-profit businesses and a huge range of nonprofit teams too.

Their services include:

Professional developmentCulture changeClinician engagementStrategic partnerships and eventsIndividualized coaching

This nonprofit consulting firm has actually developed a device of learning and expansion that goes past standard training measures to capture the heart of philanthropy. Best of all, their solutions are uniquely tailored to fit each client they serve.

10. Carter Global

Carter Global is a nonprofit consulting firm complete of mission-thrust professionals dedicated to proceeding philanthropy international. This Florida-based team functions via institutions in a variety of sectors including arts and also society, education and learning, community, setting, healthtreatment, religion, and also even more.

Their solutions include:

Governance and management advisingFundelevating and also project developmentStrategic planning and auditing

This consultant’s distinctive approaches are tailored to each company they work-related via, finish via a hand-picked team equipped to resolve operational challenges on a regional, national, and worldwide scale—via a prstove record of results.

11. The Alford Group

The Alford Group is a fundraising and strategy consulting firm dedicated to helping nonprofit institutions better serve their areas via leadership, relevance, and also sustaincapability. Because its founding in 1979, this team has served even more than 3,000 clients of all shapes, sizes, and structures.

Their services include:

Strategic planning and also fundraisingGovernance and also leadership developmentCorporate partnership strategyAnalytics and also assessments

With workplaces in New York, Chicago, and also Seattle, this nonprofit consulting firm functions through mission-driven institutions across the nation to administer insights and also endure they require. Plus, this group areas a strong focus on equity, creative thinking, and diversity.

12. Ter Molen Watkins & Brandt

Ter Molen Watkins & Brandt is a nonprofit fundraising consulting firm via a full suite of consulting services tailored to fit an individual organization’s demands. This Chicago-based team prides themselves on their capacity to make a better affect on the people by setting philanthropic organizations up for success.

Their solutions include:

Fundelevating counselPlanning and leadershipResearch and also analyticsExecutive recruitment

This team of experienced fundelevating experts and nonprofit consultants drives nonprofits in the direction of their goals while simultaneously flourishing their capacity for good. Thturbulent a customized consulting technique, Ter Molen Watkins & Brandt functions to construct strengthened and long-lasting relationships among constituents and communities.

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13. Steier Group

Steier Group is a funding campaign fundraising firm dedicated to helping nonprofits reach their lofty goals and grow their organizations’ affect. Based in Omaha, Nebraska, this consulting firm has workplaces in Arizona, California, Colorado, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Oregon, and Texas too.

Their services include:

Campaign planning studiesCapital project managementWealth screening and donor profilingMarketing and also breakthrough auditsVolunteer monitoring and training

This team of specialists works to aid organizations run funding campaigns with fundraising objectives varying from $400,000 to more than $100 million. Thanks to their suffer, enthusiasm, and professionalism, they’re able to see superior outcomes as they surpass also the loftiest of fundraising purposes.

14. Dini Spheris

Dini Spheris is a team of nonprofit fundelevating consultants that partners through all sorts of fundraising establishments to maximize their revenue and, by extension, their influence. This consulting firm takes a client-focused and also team-based strategy to develop tailored solutions for each of their clients.

Their services include:

Strategic fundraising planningLeadership coachingFundraising evaluation and also systems optimization

With more than 50 years of fundraising experience under their belt, Dini Spheris offers fresh, imaginative, and also helpful techniques to carry any nonprofit’s operations to the next level. Their team follows a “Spherical Service Model” which ensures that the client is always the center of the engagement, surrounded by results, impact, and also performance.

15. Johnkid, Grossnickle & Associates

Johnboy, Grossnickle & Associates (likewise recognized as JGA) is a philanthropic consulting firm that serves clients with authenticity and integrity. This nonprofit consultant has actually functioned through establishments throughout all verticals, although they tend to work-related via education and learning, healthtreatment, arts and society, and community establishments many frequently.

Their services include:

Pre-project planning and case statement developmentStrategic planning and campaign counselPost-project evaluations and audits

Based out of Indiana, this nonprofit consulting firm has offered more than 400 clients extending the central United States and also across the globe. The finest component is that this group have the right to assist your team at eincredibly step of the campaign procedure.

16. Alexander Haas, Inc.

Alexander Haas, Inc. is a nonprofit fundelevating firm based out of Atlanta, Georgia. This team of nonprofit consultants works to administer organizations through fresh fundraising services from resources campaigns to major donor fundincreasing and also planned presents.

Their services include:

Campaign strategy and pre-project counselAnnual money assessmentBoard enhancement and developmentOngoing fundincreasing counsel

With these skilled fundelevating solutions on your side, your team will certainly have the ability to fulfill (and also exceed) your fundincreasing goals in no time—both on prompt and longer-term scales.

17. The Curtis Group

The Curtis Group is a nonprofit consulting firm written of fundraising strategists and also philanthropic partners. This Virginia-based team takes a hand-operated method with a research-based strategy to help institutions in a number of fields better go after their objectives.

Their solutions include:

Campaign planning and managementFundincreasing program assessment and also capacity buildingBoard and staff developmentFundraising marketing and communications consulting

The skilled nonprofit consultants at The Curtis Group are tright here to carry out concentrated, strategic, and also customized work to charitable institutions looking to grow. This team can help via eexceptionally element of project planning as well, from gift solicitation to donor cultivation.

18. Amy Eisenstein

Amy Eisenstein is a nonprofit consultant and also Modern Certified Fundincreasing Executive who functions via establishments large and also small to raise countless dollars via capital and also major gift campaigns. For even more than twenty years, Amy Eisenstein has been a leading voice in the nonprofit consulting area and also repetitively works to simplify nonprofit advance.

Their services include:

Strategic, irreversible fundraising planningEye-opening campaign feasibility studiesCapital and yearly campaign managementBoard breakthrough and training

For institutions that can be interested in running a project with a more hands-off method, this fundraising consultant has actually also emerged the Capital Campaign Toolkit, which is an affordable virtual assistance system in place of a standard consulting firm.

19. The Rome Group

The Rome Group is a nonprofit consulting firm that focuses on providing establishments with effective insights, methods, and solutions. This group is based out of St. Louis, Missouri and firmly believes that data, mission, and also relationships should be the driving pressure behind all nonprofit operations.

Their solutions include:

Fund advancement and also auditingInterim fundincreasing managementCampaign feasibility and also planning studiesFirm planning and also marketing analysisDevelopment staff coaching

As thought leaders in the philanthropic sector, The Rome Group prides themselves on their capability to strengthen the nonrevenues that consequently strengthen their communities. With more than 20 years of fundincreasing and also consulting experience, this consulting firm has what it takes to lead charitable establishments in transforming their day-to-day and permanent affairs.

20. Staupell Analytics Group

Staupell Analytics Group is a nonprofit consulting firm consisted of of analytics experts who are dedicated to enhancing nonprofits and their fundelevating initiatives via donor management, service knowledge, and information science. Founded in 2012, this team has actually collective years of suffer in nonprofit fundincreasing operations and also are eager to assistance your team with the untapped power of your very own information.

Their services include:

Fundraising analytics and also optimizationPossibility developmentCompany intelligenceDatabase management training

This consulting firm likes to be at the forefront of innovative new fundelevating strategies and share those crucial benefits via their clients. After all, they recognize that the many successful nonprofits are those that count on data-pushed insights to better pursue their goals.

21. Catapult Fundraising

Catapult Fundraising is just one of the just full-company nonprofit consulting firms in the country that will partner via your company from the earliest planning stperiods of a campaign via the public phase and wrap-up. They even sell a extremely personalized telephone outreach program designed to increase donor engagement and maximize prospective gifts.

Their services include:

Online fundelevating occasion consultingMajor donor researchCapital and also endowment project counselStrategic donor outreach

With cumulative hundreds of years of fundraising, marketing, and also administration experience, the Catapult Fundraising team always has actually maximum outcomes in mind. This Nevada-based firm has workplaces in a number of US cities to better assist nonprofits across the country.

22. Visionary Philanthropic Consulting, LLC

Visionary Philanthropic Consulting, LLC is a nonprofit consulting firm that prides itself on its strategic and also innovative approach. This team has actually operated through charitable establishments in a large selection of fields from healthcare to education and learning to arts and also society. They aid all of their clients with optimizing their advancement and also operations in the finest means feasible.

Their services include:

Virtual fundelevating consultationsSocial media engagement strategyWomen’s leadership initiativePhilanthropic analytics and charitable gift forecast

One point that sets this team acomponent from other nonprofit consulting firms is its focus on online consulting and receiving all necessary services from the comfort of your very own house. They also market one-time consultations for those clients that don’t wish to carry them on with a monthly retainer.

23. Amerihave the right to Philanthropic

Amerihave the right to Philanthropic is a nonprofit consulting firm that firmly believes in philanthropy as an integral component of American society and also civil society. As such, they are dedicated to providing institutions through the counsel they have to strengthen their own objectives.

Their solutions include:

Grant creating assistanceDocuments analysis and also enhancementDonor and prospect researchCapital campaigns and major gift fundelevating counsel

With workplaces in the Philadelphia, Raleigh, Chicago, Denver, and Phoenix locations, this consulting firm has actually established itself as a standout option for charitable establishments across the nation trying to find strategic nonprofit guidance.

24. Growth for Conservation

Advancement for Conservation is a fundincreasing and organizational advance consultant dedicated to coaching nonprofit board members and staff on coming to be much better leaders and fundraisers for their objectives. Establiburned in 2014, Growth for Conservation is dedicated to assisting land also trusts and other nonprofit conservation establishments lug their fundraising to the following level.

Their solutions include:

Growth audits and assessmentsLong-range fundincreasing planningBoard and staff member trainingAnnual providing and also resources project projects

This nonprofit consulting firm knows that ensuring sustainable fundraising systems is the key to long-term success, and that the means to perform so is by prioritizing community relationships. To acquire began, this consultant takes a careful assessment of an organization’s present operations and also recommends prstove tactics to raise even more.

25. Westautumn Gold

Westfall Gold is a nonprofit consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations fund irreversible, transformational influence about the civilization. Founded in 2002 as motivated by the Bible passage, the Parable of the Talents, Westautumn Gold has aided over 120 nonprofits, educational institutions, and faith-based institutions raise more than $1 billion for their reasons.

Their solutions include:

Messaging strategy developmentSupporting marketing product creationDonor analytics and also follow-up strategiesRelational fundelevating consulting

This Atlanta-based firm functions to assist you produce a powerful situation for support, inspire trust in your company, and build neighborhood bordering your mission.

26. Byrne Pelofskies + Associates, LLC

Byrne Pelofskies + Associates, LLC is a nonprofit fundelevating consultant committed to helping fundincreasing establishments maximize their success by occurring a customized fundelevating solution for each client. With an innovative, in-depth, and also connected strategy to development, Byrne Pelofsky emphasizes mastering the art of the fundelevating ask.

Their services include:

Feasibility and also project planning studiesCampaign company and also managementDonor and prospect identificationSpecial event managementPlanned providing program development

This team prides itself on being both experienced fundraisers and also professional consultants. They have an outstanding track record of ongoing fundincreasing success and also are dedicated to their functions as leaders in the nonprofit consulting market.

While any kind of of the nonprofit consulting firms on this list have the potential to assist your organization and also carry your team to the next level, selecting the ideal one for your requirements will certainly encertain that you maximize your success. With better day-to-day operations and also helpful insights, you can drive your mission forward and also make a much more considerable affect on your constituents. Good luck!

For even more indevelopment on efficient nonprofit operations, be certain to check out our other educational resources below: