Nonprofit cfo job description

In this sample job description, the nonprofit chief financial officer (CFO) wears numerous hats. She or he is responsible for a variety of locations much removed from the finance and also governmental attributes.

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Small organization—budobtain between $1.5 million and also $10 million

In this sample task description, the nonprofit chief financial officer wears several hats. The budgain can’t assistance specialized staff, so the CFO is responsible for a selection of areas far removed from the finance and also bureaucratic functions. These include human resources, information technology, legal, and facilities—and also also structure relationships with routine recipients.

Feel cost-free to usage and also modifythis sample task description to assist you produce one for your organization.

Sample Position Description

345 NonprofitDirector of Finance and Administration


The mission of 345 Nonprofit is...345 Nonprofit presently serves X world every year through a budgain of $Y million.

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Reporting to the executive director (ED), the director of finance and administration will define the process and implement the infrastructure/units necessary to support comprehensive expansion over the following five to 10 years. She or he will proceed to construct and also control reliable and also streamlined administrative/financial systems, consisting of financial, bookkeeping, legal, information modern technology (IT), huguy resources (HR), and physical framework.

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As a member of the senior monitoring team, the director will certainly be affiliated in strategic planning, testimonial, and also skilled advance efforts, as well as planning for 345 Nonprofit’s growth to multiple new sites both locally and in other cities. In keeping through 345 Nonprofit’s values, the director will certainly also connect through routine recipients as a mentor.

Specific responsibilities include:

Financial ManagementReview and grant preparation and also finalization of monthly and also annual financial reporting materials and metrics for 345 Nonprofit’s board of directors.Overwatch budgeting, financial forecasting, and cash flow for management, existing programs, and also proposed brand-new sites.Manage one full time bookkeeping administrator; hire and also retain assistance staff as needed in the future.Coordinate all audit tasks.Administrative Leadership and ManagementServe as a service companion to the ED on the organization’s financial, budgeting, and governmental processes—consisting of HR, payroll, and benefits functions—with an eye to continuously developing and also enhancing units.Lead 345 Nonprofit’s technical staff to design an IT plan for the future, and implement it properly to accomplish IT needs (hardware and also software) as the organization grows.Manage the organization’s physical framework, physical plant, and device maintenance (phone system, defense, cleaning, gives, and so on.), via assistance from 2 office managers.Program Recipient MentoringDevelop successful and trusting relationships with the regime recipients and create and also sustain an environment at 345 Nonprofit that supports these relationships.Teach/facilitate classroom task approximately three hours per week, and also serve as an advisor for approximately five routine recipients (forced of all 345 Nonprofit staff).


The director of finance and management will certainly have at least 5 to eight years of expert experience, including managing the finance and also management of a high-expansion $10 million to $20 million company (preference given to nonprofit experience). She or he will certainly have actually experience producing and driving the analytic framework for planning and also controlling business change in a very entrepreneurial company.

The director of finance and administration will have the complying with experience and attributes:

Bachelor’s degree (MA/MBA preferred) in Business, Management, or FinanceExcellent people skills, with endure collaborating in a multidisciplinary, varied, and also dynamic teamDemonstrated suffer in financial monitoring and also bookkeeping, ideally in the nonprofit sectorExperience have to include legal, audit, compliance, budget, and also resource developmentDemonstrated resourcefulness in setting priorities, proposing new means of producing efficiencies, and also guiding investment in world and also systemsPrcooktop effectiveness leading experts in finance and accountingTechnologically savvy, via an ability to suggest to examples of having actually worked via IT staff to develop and implement brand-new processes and also units that increased effectiveness in a fast-relocating environmentFlexible and also a self-starter; able to multitask while likewise being highly detail-oriented.Personal attributes of integrity, credibility, and a commitment to 345 Nonprofit’s mission.

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