Nonprofit Capacity Building Grants strengthen nonprofits by boosting their core systems and also operations. By enhancing infrastructure at the organizational level, these time-limited jobs assist nonrevenues even more properly bring out their missions. The grant routine focuses on capacity-structure tasks that boost an determined area of business operations including (however not limited to) participation capacity, communications capacity, information monitoring capacity, equity capacity, testimonial capacity, financial management capacity, fundincreasing capacity, administration capacity, management capacity, mission & strategy capacity or regime delivery capacity.

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What is Capacity Building?The Community Foundation offers the term “capacity building” as defined by the company GEO – Grantdevices for Effective Organizations:

"Capacity “is an abstract term that describes a large selection of capabilities, understanding, and sources that nonprofits need in order to be efficient.” GEO defines capacity building as the resources and technical assistance vital to aid nonearnings boost specific capabilities to deliver more powerful programs, take risks, build relations, innovate and iterate. Capacity demands will certainly vary depending on a selection of components such as the organization’s dimension, lifecycle stage, regimen version, revenue base, or the capacities of complementary institutions working in the same neighborhood or field."


All Letters of Interest and approve applications are submitted with our virtual provide system for both spring and also fall cycles.

Organizations go via a two-action procedure in order to use for a Nonprofit Capacity Building Grant.

First, they complete a Letter of Interest form through fundamental information about their company and proposed task. The LOIs are reperceived and also scored by Community Foundation staff and also the chair of the Nonprofit Capacity Building Grants committee. The LOIs are assessed initially for eligibility and also, relying on the number of LOIs submitted, for strength and fit via the regimen, so that the strongest 15-20 LOIs are invited to submit a full application.

2nd, invited organizations submit complete applications, which are reperceived and also scored by the complete committee.

Pevaluation the Nonprofit Capacity Building Letter of Interest. (attach to 2021 LOI coming soon)

Pevaluation the Nonprofit Capacity Building Full Application. (attach to 2021 complete application coming soon)


Eligible nonprofit organizations:

Must be located in or serve citizens of Rock Island and/or Scott Counties.

May only get a Nonprofit Capacity Building Grant once eincredibly 3 calendar years.

Applications should be for one of the adhering to eligible capacity-structure activities:

Board training and also education

Critical equipment

Staff training

Strategic planning

Sequence planning


Other assessment, consulting, or facilitation that enhances an figured out location of organizational capacity.

Eligible and ineligible costs

The grantee may request that the amount awarded be paid in a single year, or be structured as a multi-year approve over two or 3 years.

This grant regime does not support resources tasks, vehicles, furniture, recurring operational or routine delivery prices, consumable provides, or food/beverages for meetings or occasions.

The first year just of technology prices that will certainly come to be “ongoing”, such as software licensing expenses, may be considered.

Reasonable take a trip and per diem costs might be considered as a part of among the eligible capacity- structure activities.

In restricted situations, staff salaries may be taken into consideration eligible if:

o the organization have the right to show exactly how an existing or short-lived staff member will devote specific time to achieving the capacity structure project, in similar way to a consultant and

o the company deserve to present financial have to counter other assistance for that staff member – for example, that that staff member is commonly funded by a limited resource that will not pay for the time to interact in this capacity building task.

See more: National Council Of Nonprofit Associations, National Council Of Nonprofits

Wages to lug out existing, new, or raised regimen delivery and also operational activities are not eligible.

Evaluation Criteria

The criteria aid the committee evaluate the worth of the organization to the neighborhood and the value of the capacity building project to the organization.

Our approving strategy is to fully money awardees to allow completion of the task.

Mission: The organization’s mission and also influence is valuable to the Quad Cities community.

Equity: The company, and if applicable the capacity structure project, developments racial and other develops of equity in the Quad Cities region via its actions and also its leadership.

Impact of Capacity Building Project: The company clearly identifies the location of capacity that the task will improve and also its advantage to the organization’s capacity to satisfy its mission.

Readiness: The organization demonstrates that this is a great time to undertake the job.

Project plan: The capacity structure job plan is clear and also achievable, with clear and also measurable goals.

Leverage: The company, and also if applicable the capacity building job, engeras and also utilizes various other resources such as capital resources, volunteers, and community partnerships.

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We’re below to aid you to be as effective as you have the right to through your give application. To discuss if your project is the right fit, contact:

Lisa Stachula / emailCall (563) 326-2840

Final Reports

Please finish a final report as soon as you have actually finiburned your job, or by the adhering to year"s application due date, whichever is sooner. Organizations that elect to obtain their grants over two or three years will be asked to carry out interim reports yearly. Reports are completed in the same virtual mechanism you submitted your application.

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