Non religious baby names

My husband also and I were talking around just how boys are so a lot harder to name for us. The primary problem is that I LOVE Hebrew and also Old Testament names (Amos, Ephraim, Noam, Hiram, Boaz, Ezra, etc), and he dislikes any name that is strongly tied to religion. He also says that my boy selections are all a little also untypical for him. So, with that being sassist, any type of suggestions on some names that are not excessively famous, yet still have a classic vibe however are not strongly linked through the Christian or Jewish faith? Thanks.

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These are in the Bible but so widespread/have actually so many kind of other associations I don’t know that it would matter (if you provided some of these in a set it would start to sound that method, however not on their own, and not the ideal combinations):JohnJamesAndrewMatthewJacobMarkLukePaulPeterJosephMichaelGabrielDavidDanielNathanNathanielEthanJonathanSamuelThomasSimonPhilip

Not in the Scriptures yet really well established (largely English royalty names, or old names in any case):CharlesHenryWilliamRobertOliverEdwardRichardTheodore (has actually a religious interpretation though)Stephen (this might be in the Bible? He was a very early saint. But I don’t think the majority of human being think that as soon as they hear it.)GeorgeHughLouisFrederickAlexander (this may be in the Bible as a minor character?)AlbertFrancis

Sure tright here are even more yet this is what came to mind to start…

I have actually a soft spot for Amos and Hiram. Here are some even more concepts.MartinGrahamCurtisEamonGarrettDarenMiloHeathBlaineEllisWarrenAnthonyDanteRomanOwenWalterHenryElliot- I guess this has Hebrew beginnings, but I simply view it as classic.EdwinHarlanRaymondCalvinBradleyEmmettStuartAugust

AlbertAlexanderAlfredAllan and AllenAndrewAnthonyArthurCharlesChristopherDanielDavidDonaldDouglasEdward/Edmund/EdwinFrancisFrederickGeorgeHenryJamesJohnJosephLawrenceLewis and LouisMartinNicholasPatrickPhilip and PhillipRaymondRichardRobertStephenStevenTheodoreVictorVincentWalterWarrenWilliamAugustAveryElliottJasperJulianMilesOliverOscarOwenAlvinByronCalvinConradCyrusEdgarFelixGarrettHowardHugoJuliusLeonardMalcolmMarcusRoland

So far, love the suggestions of:

SimonCharles (too renowned though)TheodoreHughFredericFrancis (Hubby said no way)Milo & MilesHeathBlaineEdwinCalvinAlfredArthurVictorConradCyrusMalcolm

Keep the suggestions coming!

Yes, the names you choose are uncovered in the Bible/Torah; yet that doesn’t intend they’re “owned” the religious just. I wouldn’t worry aout that at all.

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Yes, the names you like are uncovered in the Bible/Torah; yet that doesn’t expect they’re “owned” the religious just. I wouldn’t issue aout that at all.

I understand that, however my husband favors names that don’t have religious relations.

RobinChesterAnselEvanderJulesLionelClydeHughBlaiseLawrenceNoelFrederickLucianLouis, LewisEdgar, Edmund, EdwinRolandClarkHarryEwanFraserAlistairCormac

maple_blythe: I favor Evander, Lionel, Clyde, Ewan, Fraiser and also Cormac.

Erasmus sounds incredibly Old Testament to me, but to the best of my understanding isn’t actually in the Holy bible. It was the name of Charles Darwin"s grandfather, if that would certainly interemainder your husband. He created poetry about development.

Some other ideas:


Tobias is the “unbiblical” Tobiah, if you will. Corbin is another of my favorites… cute, comprehensive, familiar however unprevalent as a whole