THANK YOUS & KUDOS to our Volunteers and Donors

CARR receives help, encouragement and money from a wonderful group of volunteers and donors who have identified with CARR's mission and the work we do.   Individuals have stepped up to the plate offering us donations, time, great ideas, and new strategies for our continued work.  Thank you! Thank you!  Special Thanks to the members of our Board; without you we could not function. Kudos!  Danke!  Merci! and in 100 other languages thank you for your support.  You help us grow and your support helps us achieve our mission. 

Mario, Ivan, Paul, Cindy, Lois, Linda, Emily, Louise, Micah, Paul, Laura, Judy, Monica H, Monica M, Richard, Chris, David, Michael, Matt, Lynda, Laura, Jasmine, Jennifer, Brittany, Elaine,  John & Gretchen, Fred, Ruth, Dale & Marie, Mark, Willy,  Richard,  Stephanie, Shirley,   Pearl,  Roger,  Judy, Nicole, Jerry, Tritia,  Barbara, Judy, Carl, Marcy S, Leonard, Sybil and family, Phil and Liz, and our anonymous donors. 

Each of your individual contributions has made a difference in some family's life, or some resident's life.  If you help us code documents, you've contributed to data that is now available to CARR's staff  - helping us make evidence-based reform proposals, not interest-based proposals.  If you help us watermark and upload documents, your work is crucial in affording consumers to have a more complete understanding of facility compliance histories.  And for those of you who hand out literature on our behalf - you plant seeds about CARR so that other families will learn about the work we do. Each of you who attended a CARR presentation left carrying seeds of information that may be of help to you or your friends, and maybe that information will change how a placement decision is made for someone you, or they love. And that's a good thing. 

Corporate Donors

Donors who fund us, or give us in-kind contributions, your help hugely assists us.  In-kind contributions extend the range of work we can do for consumers of assisted living in California. Every dime contributed goes to fund our mission or to support the operational infrastructure that keeps us our work viable.  CARR has no bloated executive salaries at this NFP!  No fancy cars, no huge staff. Just a couple of worker bees engaged in getting in the way of the status quo to improve health and safety of residents in assisted living.


FetchSoftworks, Inc.

Lion's Club of San Diego

Amigos de Vista Lions Club

Alaska Yukon Club of San Diego

Microsoft Corporation

Donors, Interns & Volunteers / Volunteers

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