A waiver, per Title 22, §87101(w)(1), allows for ". . . variance to a specific regulation based on a facility-wide need or circumstance which is not typically tied to a specific resident or staff persons. Requests for waivers are made to the licensing agency, in advance, by an applicant or Licensee. "

The most common waiver requested is a hospice waiver.  When a facility requests a hospice waiver, it is requesting permission to accept, or retain any resident, at any time in the future, who may require hospice services. The facility must submit a written request for a waiver. Typically, Community Care Licensing (CCL) will approve the waiver if the facility is determined, through a case management visit, to be in substantial compliance.

A waiver is in contrast to an "exception" , which is a variance from the regulations based on a unique need or circumstance of a specific resident or staff person. An exception cannot be transferred or applied to any other individual. 

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