Training: What are requirements for those who administer medications in RCFEs?

Understanding Medications Within RCFEs

All personnel who assist residents with the self-administration of medications must receive the following training pursuant to Health & Safety Code 1569.69, and Title 22:(§87411): 

(1) For facilities with 16 or more residents: 8 hours of hands-on shadowing training and 8 hours of other training; or

(2) For facilities with 15 or fewer residents: 2 hours of hands-on shadowing training and 4 hours of other training.

(3)  In all facilities, personnel continuing to assist residents with the self-administration of their medication must complete four hours of training every 12 months.

After receiving the appropriate training, staff who assist residents with their medication should be competent in all of the following areas and must pass an examination demonstrating their comprehension of the subject matter, and competency:

a) The role, responsibilities and limitations of staff who assist residents with the self-administration of medication,

b) Terminology specific to medication assistance,

c) Different types of medication orders: prescription, over-the-counter, controlled,

d) Assistance procedures (in and out of the facility),

e) Medication documentation system used within the facility,

f) Proper storage, security, and disposal,

g) Process used for ordering medication, refills, and handling receipt of medications from the pharmacy,

h) Medication side effects, adverse reactions and errors,

Passing a test on medication management is an ambiguous accomplishment, as the test is not standardized within the industry, nor is it administered by a third party (i.e. CCLD or another regulatory/licensing board).  Upon completion of the test, no state or national accreditation is issued; a record of completion, however, should be maintained by the facility in their personnel records.

Facilities with 16 or more residents are required to have a pharmacist or nurse review their facility's medication management program and procedures at least twice a year.  Documentation of the review is mandated.  Facilities with 15 or fewer residents are not required to seek such guidance.

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