Staff: Personnel Requirements

Understanding Facility Practices

Title 22, §87411

According to Title 22, facility personnel at all times must be sufficient in number and competency to provide services necessary to meet residents needs.  Additional staff should be employed as necessary to perform office work, cooking, housekeeping and facility maintenance.  For additional information, see FAQ Staffing in an RCFE.

All personnel who supervise and/or provide care to residents must be at least 18 years old, in good health as verified by a physician, must possess a current First Aid certificate, and must obtain a criminal record clearance from the Department of Justice. 

All staff who provide direct care to residents are required to receive at least 10 hours of initial training within the first 4 weeks of employment and must receive at least 4 hours of additional training annually.  The most popular training tools used in RCFEs are video instruction tapes/CDs and, at times, on-site trainings from persons knowledgeable on the specific subject(s).   

While proof of receiving the appropriate training is available on all employees in their personnel file, how much knowledge employees actually retain from videos/training is unknown.  Therefore, consumers may want to look for the following characteristics to assess the competency of the care staff:      (The following are mentioned in Title 22 as evidence of safe and effective job performance.)

(1) Familiarity with the aging process;

(2) The importance and techniques of personal care services and supervision;

(3) Respectful of Residents Rights;

(4) Knowledge of the psychosocial needs of the elderly (i.e. recreation, companionship);

(5) Knowledge necessary in order to recognize early signs of illness and the need for professional help (includes dementia);

(6) Knowledge of community resources;

(7) Ability to communicate with residents;

(8) Principles of good nutrition and sanitation;

(9) Knowledge of safely assisting with prescribed medications which are self-administered (Medication Management)

If you are concerned with the staffing level, or competency of staff in a particular RCFE, documenting your concerns and sharing the documentation with the LPA assigned to your facility may be helpful.

CCLD "may require a facility to provide additional staff whenever it determines through documentation that additional staff is required to provide adequate services" (Title 22, § 87411). 

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