Restricted Health Conditions

Understanding Facility Practices

Title 22 (§87612)(a)

"The Licensee may provide care for residents who have any of the below-listed restricted health conditions, or who require any of the below-listed health services."  [Each below-listed condition has additional requirements associated with it, in order for facilities to be able to provide that specific type of care.]

1) Administration of Oxygen (§87618)

2) Catheter Care (§87623)

3) Colostomy/ileostomy Care (§87621)

4) Contractures (§87626)

5) Diabetes (§87628)

6) Enemas, suppositories, and /or fecal impaction removal (§87622)

7) Incontinence of bowel and/or bladder (§87625)

8) Injections (§87629)

9) Intermittent Positive Pressure Breathing Machine (§87619)

10) Stage 1 & 2 pressure sores (dermal ulcers) (§87631(a)(3))

11) Wound care (§87631)

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