Postural Supports

Understanding Medications Within RCFEs

Title 22 §87608.

The following regulations pertain to postural supports:

(1) Supports shall be limited to devices used to achieve proper body position and balance, to improve a resident's mobility and independent functioning, or to position rather than restrict movement including, but not limited to, preventing a resident from falling out of a bed, a chair, etc.  Included here are physician-prescribed orthopedic devices (braces or casts) used for support of a weakened body part or correction of body parts.

(2) Supports shall be fastened or tied in a manner that permits quick release by the resident.

(3) A written order from a physician indicating the need for the support shall be maintained in the resident's record, and if necessary CCLD may require additional documentation to verify the order.

(4) If the use of the support changes the ambulatory status of a resident to non-ambulatory, the licensee shall ensure that the appropriate fire clearance has been secured prior to the use of the support.

(5) Under no circumstances shall postural supports include tying, depriving or limiting the used of a resident's hands or feet.

(6) Bed rails that extend from the head half the length of the bed and are used only for assistance with mobility shall be allowed.

(7) Bed rails that extend the entire length of the bed are prohibited except for residents who are currently receiving hospice care and who have a hospice care plan that specifies the need for full bed rails.

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