Licenses: How much do they cost & what is the renewal policy?

Understanding California's Oversight & Regulation

Title 22 (§ 87156)

Application and annual renewal fees are based on the initial capacity of the facility.

  • For 4-6 bed RCFE facility the application fee is $750; the annual renewal fee $350.
  • For 16-30 bed facility the application fee is $1,500; the annual renewal fee $750.
  • For 101-150 bed facility, the application fee is $3,004; the annual renewal fee $1,502.

Relative to other licensed facilities in California, maintaining a RCFE license could be considered inexpensive.

An Adult Day Health Care Facility annual licensing fee is $3,985.57 per facility.*

A Skilled Nursing Facility License fee is is $288.75 per bed.*


Other fees are assessed when Licensees wish to change the capacity of their facility ($25), change the physical address of their facility (50% of the established application fee), etc.

Revenues (per Title 22) collected from licensing fees shall be utilized for the purpose of ensuring the health and safety of all individuals provided care or supervision by Licensees and to support the activities of the licensing program, including but not limited to, monitoring facilities for compliance with licensing laws and regulations and other administrative activities in support of the licensing program.  Failure of an applicant for licensure or a Licensee to pay all applicable and accrued fees (and civil penalties) shall constitute grounds for denial or forfeiture of a license.

It is CARR's observation based on months in the public file, and review of thousands of documents, that CCLD renews licenses even when the Licensee owes months-overdue Civil Penalties. 

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