LIC 9099: Facility Complaint Report

Understanding CCLD Forms

The LIC 9099 or Facility Complaint Report is another key record to be used as evidence of the state's oversight of RCFEs.  Any person can file a complaint with CCLD against a particular Licensee or facility.  CCLD is obliged to initiate investigation of a complaint within 10 working days after the date of complaint filing.

For each specific complaint filed with CCLD, CCLD must make a finding;

  • a complaint can be substantiated,
  • determined inconclusive, or
  • can be deemed unfounded.  

An LPA will find a complaint 'substantiated' if corroborating evidence can be found for the allegation.  If there is conflicting or ambiguous information surrounding a complaint, the complaint is frequently inconclusive.  When little to no corroborating evidence, or when evidence is counter to an allegation, the frequent finding for a complaint is unfounded.  

Substantiated complaints generally include violations of Title 22 regulations, and deficiencies are usually cited as part of the final complaint findings.  

This document can be viewed in conjunction with Facility Evaluation Reports (LIC 809s) to better inform the consumer about a facility's performance.  Consumers can view these public documents on CARR's website by using the Facility Search option or by filing a request with Community Care Licensing Division (CCLD).

To view the form:

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