Documentation: What is required if medications are centrally stored?

Understanding Medications Within RCFEs

Title 22 §87465

The regulations read:

"When requested by the prescribing physician or the Department, a record of dosages of medications which are centrally stored shall be maintained by the facility."

CCLD (or the Department) makes Form LIC 622 available to facilities on its website.  This form is designated as The Centrally Stored Medication and Destruction Record.

Most larger facilities have 'corporate' policies and procedures in place to record centrally stored medications.  Some smaller facilities have them in place as well.  However, there is no explicit declaration in the facility's public file as to whether or not they record such information, or if they meet the criteria requiring central storage.

Assuming that precise information regarding a resident's medications is being recorded is not valid.  In CARR's experience, we have seen documentation of facilities using shoe boxes as storage units, with post-it notes serving as official documentation for the next shift, or other insufficient techniques.  We have also seen incomplete and inconsistent use of LIC 622s.   Asking questions and being vigilant with regard to a facilities' centrally stored medication policies and procedures is consumers best way to obtain confidence in how the facility manages medications.

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