rcfereform.orgSA52:16A-110Information for nonprofit institutions gave on the Internet
rcfereform.orgSA52:16A-111Establishment of formats, icons
rcfereform.orgSA52:16A-112Cooperation by State departments, agencies

rcfereform.orgSA 52:16A-110 Information for nonprofit organizations offered on the Internet

1. a. The Department of State shall keep in a solitary accessible location on its designated residence website indevelopment for nonprofit organizations concerning various resources easily accessible to aid them in their everyday operations. The indevelopment featured shall be updated at least monthly and also incorporate, but not be restricted to, indevelopment regarding:(1) obtainable resources resources offered by the Department of State;(2) appropriate eligibility criteria applicable to such funding;(3) incorporation and, to the degree applicable, board development;(4) volunteer avenues accessible via or with the Department of State;(5) links to the webwebsite pperiods of the miscellaneous departments and also State agencies that contain the indevelopment that such entities have to preserve in accordance via this section; and (6) any kind of various other information the Secretary of State deems crucial. The webwebsite shall be available from the Department of State"s designated home webweb page.b. Each State department or firm that offers resources to nonprofit institutions shall preserve in a solitary easily accessible location on its designated house webwebsite indevelopment about assorted resources easily accessible from or through that department or firm to aid those nonprofit organizations in their everyday operations. The indevelopment featured shall be updated at least monthly and incorporate, but not be limited to, information regarding: (1) available resources sources readily available by the department or agency;(2) pertinent eligibility criteria applicable to such funding;(3) volunteer methods easily accessible with or with the department or agency; and(4) any type of other information the Secretary of State deems necessary. The webwebsite shall be easily accessible from the designated home website of each such department or company.

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L.2011, c.73, s.1.

rcfereform.orgSA 52:16A-111 Establishment of layouts, icons

2. The Secretary of State, in consultation through the Chief Technology Officer, shall create a traditional format and also symbol for each department and agency to usage to display screen the required indevelopment for nonprofit establishments.

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L.2011, c.73, s.2.

rcfereform.orgSA 52:16A-112 Coprocedure by State departments, agencies

3. All Executive Branch departments and State agencies are directed to corun completely with the Office of the Secretary of State to implement the provisions of this act.L.2011, c.73, s.3.

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