A Safe Place for Mom and Dad

By now, we all know someone contending with the needs of an aging family member.  And while aging and dependency are not synonymous, there does come a point in time (be it brief or extended) where reliance on others will enter the picture.  Sound familiar:

“I am worried about my aging mother continuing to live alone.  Her memory-loss is becoming more apparent.  Her ability to drive herself to the store and appointments is diminishing.  Her overall health and functioning seem to be declining.   I feel she would be safer with more assistance and supervision.”   “I do not know what to do about my aging father.  Since my mother passed, I worry about him being alone.  He can no longer keep up the house.  His medication regimen is quite complicated.  And his gait has changed, I worry he may fall as a result and I will not be there to help him.  I feel he would be more comfortable with some additional help and prompting.”

And so, the search for support is triggered. 

Nowadays, most families start with the Internet using search engines to generate potential leads.  Typically, they are overwhelmed and find themselves inundated with choices, providers, articles and organizations.  And their hearts sink as they discover they have no easy, reliable way of distinguishing the increasingly common entrepreneur from the knowledgeable provider committed to seniors themselves. 

Wouldn’t it be grand if there existed a watchdog organization committed do doing this type of fact-finding homework for families?  A non-profit dedicated to helping families make informed long-term care decisions and committed to supporting them throughout their experience because they simply felt it the right thing to do?

Well, THERE IS ONE!!! 

CARR was founded in 2009 with a single mission—"to level the playing field for consumers of senior services".  We have started with the assisted living care option.  Our novel approach made us the first in California to place the compliance histories of local assisted living facilities online for consumers to review.  Since 2009, we have also studied these compliance documents and other associated public documents to better understand the pitfalls and risks for families and seniors choosing assisted living.  Ongoing, we translate this invaluable but obscure information to share with the community and inform legislators. 

Our use of the public documents is an uncommon and refreshing approach to giving consumers the information they really need and want.   But we cannot continue to assist folks without your help!!!   Moreover, there is so much more information waiting for families but it must be (1) harvested, (2) translated and then, (3) shared.   

And so, we ask for your contribution today:

  • Want to fund data collection and investigation efforts: Donate $30
  • Want to help harvest the public documents: Donate $60
  • Want to be responsible for making public an entire facility profile: Donate $125
  • Want to help spread the word (via literature or an exhibitor’s table): Donate $300-$500
  • Want to fund one of our research projects to prompt meaningful reform: Donate $1000

Sound familiar? "What Goes Around Comes Back Around"

Today we are concerned with the care and keeping of others, as the headlining scenarios relate.  But what about when this becomes our individual reality?  When the time comes, how much information do you want available to decide your care options?  Wouldn’t it be grand if there was an organization so well established in giving consumers the facts, you could make your choice with the click of a few buttons?

It’s got to start somewhere, with someone:  How about you & CARR together?