ProPublica Spotlights Risks to Assisted Living Residents

Legislative ChangeVisitors to CARR's site, and our Twitter and Facebook followers are encouraged to read the ProPublica article "Elderly, At Risk and Haphazardly Protected" by AC Thompson and Jonathan Jones.  The article is a litany of inadequate consumer protections and lack of meaningful state oversight for assisted living facilities throughout the US.    

Thanks in large part to the focus on CCLD failures in San Diego, covered by the collaborative investigative series between Center for Health Reporting and UT San Diego's "Deadly Neglect" series (9/9/13), the time has never been better for consumers  to urge state legislators to "step up to the plate", "to do the heavy lifting", to "work for the little people" to develop meaningful and widespread reform to both Title 22 RCFE regulations,  and to the insular and opaque CCLD.  

CARR urges you to write your local state assembly member, and your state senator demanding much needed, long overdue, and totally necessary reform to how residents of assisted living care cared for, and to provide for meaningful reforms in the areas of accountability and criminal prosecution of elder abuse, including neglect that occurs in state RCFEs.

The free ride RCFEs, and the assisted living industry have received over the last 30+ years, facilitated by industry capture of CCLD, should come to an end - and now.  If you need help finding your state legislators are, contact us, and we'll send you that information.  This is THE best opportunity for consumers to speak up, and speak out for RCFE regulatory reform. The only thing at risk is the health, safety and lives of our family members and loved ones living in California's assisted living facilities! 

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