UT Watchdog Interviews CARR

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U-T Roger Hedgecock Interview

(This video link is reproduced with the permission of the UT.)  

CARR's Chrisy Selder and Chris Murphy were interviewed by Peggy Peatie, a photo journalist with the UT.  The linked video is among eight on the UT website - each offering a different perspective about assisted living:  families who have lost loved ones due to poor care, a private attorney who litigates assisted living matters, Paul Greenwood - Assistant DA, County of San Diego - one of the nation's leading prosecutors of elder abuse, and an interview with a provider. Please check out these videos, as they add dimension to the series of three feature investigative articles running Sunday through Tuesday (9/8/13 - 9/10/13).  

This series of articles, written by veteran and respected investigative journalists, has been long in the making, and is sure to spotlight major issues with this long-term care model - many that CARR has been talking about on this site for the past two years.  The UT's total media package on Assisted Living is a MUST READ for any consumer interested learning how problematic it is to find quality care for a loved one, or for professionals interested in elder justice issues, regulatory irregularities, and the limited avenues for accountability.   This site contains links to the "Deadly Neglect" articles. 

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