CARR Gives Back in Recognition of 10 Years

The City of San Diego recently joined AARP’s Age-Friendly Communities Network.  As the City works towards building a livable community for all ages, it will face the cultural and socioeconomic diversity among its 8 Districts. 

The ability and interest of communities to usher in upcoming age-friendly efforts will be influenced by their unique characteristics and current platforms.

CARR hosts Senior Coaching Clinics at the San Ysidro and La Jolla Senior Centers.  Through this, we see the untapped potential for the San Ysidro Center to serve as a spark, or hub, for the community.

Built in 1929, it recently received an upgrade in kitchen appliances and a paint job, but the linoleum floors and barren courtyard, while functional, are not inviting or indicative of the life within the Center.


The proposed project will spotlight the Center as the vibrant, community space it truly is.

CARR has applied for an AARP Challenge Grant to purchase:

  • flowers and plants
  • pots and planter boxes
  • soil, mulch, and watering cans
  • wall art, tablecloths
  • a community bulletin board and resource/brochure holder.

Regardless of the AARP grant, CARR has pledged $500 (plus in-kind labor hours) towards the project to give San Ysidro seniors the space they deserve.

Help us by donating to CARR Gives Back!  Any size donation is welcome and appreciated.  Use our PayPal account featured on this site or you can mail your donation to P.O. Box 82123, San Diego, CA 92138.  For inquiries about CARR Gives Back, contact Christina Selder (619) 540-1648 or via email at

San Ysidro Senior Center.  Coming soon in color!


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